I’m hanging out with my husband’s family in PA.  We’ve been having a wonderful time chatting, eating, looking over photos, and my favorite part, making art with the kids.

We’ve been making aliens from fuzzy balls, googly eyes and popsicle sticks, as well as sculptures and beads from Sculpey clay.

Yesterday afternoon, after dinner, I went out back to hang out with the kids and get in a little trampoline time.  We bounced and talked about how much fun we were having.  Tabetha and I talked about what color our fairy wings will be when they finally grow in.

I would love to keep this feeling of happiness and contentment forever.  The kids will grow up.  Times will change, but we will always have the memories of the fun we’ve made together.  As well as the Sculpey clay sculptures.

We’ve been feeding our souls and spirits during these halcyon days.  Saying yes to joy and fun.  Stretching our imaginations.

These are the days to remember.

peace, Pam

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