What a great week!

I hope you don’t take this as bragging, but I’ve just had the most wonderful week!

Every day was wonderful and special in it’s own way, and I want to share it with you, my dear blog reader,  so that I can make it last just a little longer. :)

It’ll be a good reminder for when my days don’t seem so magical that good times happen, as long as we are open to paying attention to them.

Sunday, I listened to Jen Louden’s Virtual Comfort Retreat.  Not all of it, but enough to get really relaxed, stable and ready to move forward into whatever was coming my way.  My favorite part was the poetry of Hiro Boga and the bells/chimes/bowls of Fabeku Futanmise It gave me a chance to scrape off the heavy crust that felt like it had built up on the back of my eyeballs (if that makes sense).  Seriously consider checking it out for yourself, my friendly blog reader.

Monday, Garrett stayed home from school sick, so we surfed in the net, looking at fun panda pictures. imgres.jpg Then we laid on the couch and read Calvin & Hobbes before taking a nap.  Later that day, Blake called from Israel and the phone connection was very clear!  Yeah!  He’s getting ready to start draining the furnace of glass so they can take it apart to rebuild it.

Tuesday, with Garrett back in school, I went to the DDA office to help my friends Dagmar and Molly clean out the DDA closets.  We cleared both cabinets in just over an hour.  It took all three of us 2 trips to the dumpster, and when we were finished…….  you could totally find everything you need!  MAGNIFICENT!!!  And best of all, we got to do it together! It was super, wonderful, clearing and camaraderie! Speaking of camaraderie, my girlfriends Christa and Susan both sent me messages that day checking in to see how I was doing without Blake here!  It felt great to know they were thinking of me!  xoxo

Wednesday, I went to the Brandon Library Staff meeting to teach my 7th Inning Stretch.  (It’s a balancing, centering exercise I’ve been doing for many years on my walk.  I’ve just started teaching it to other people.  Eventually, I will get it onto video, so that I can share it with you, my friendly blog reader. (would you be interested in learning it?) Out of the 15 people at the Library Staff meeting, well over half of them seemed very interested and enthusiastic to learn.  Even for those who just put up with it, the whole practice only takes 5-10 minutes.

After that I got to hang out with my girlfriend, Debbie when we went grocery shopping.  I LOVE shopping with my friend!  She really makes me smile!  xoxoxo

Molly let me know that she wanted to have me speak at the MSOC really.  (I already wrote about that part here ) Although I felt compelled and thrilled to do it,  when I called her at 8pm Wednesday night, freaking out because I couldn’t find the right words, she told me to “rub your fingers together like you showed me.  You know, just rub it off!” She was exactly right.  I had shown her this “anxiety scrubber” months ago.  Simply put your forefinger and thumb together and rub them like you’re trying to make a little, round bead.  Breathe in and out, and just give yourself  a moment to calm down.   Now she got to be the one to remind me to calm down!  Aaaaaaaah!  Good Stuff!!!  It was great to be able to enjoy sitting down with Garrett to watch Shaun White do his Awesome Gold Medal winning half-pipe snowboarding thing too!  shaun-white-748999717That guy really knows how to handle himself under stress!  He’s my hero!  and a fellow red-head! xoxo

Thursday, The Main Street Rally went really well.  You can read about it here.  After driving us all back home, I took my walk with Tootsie around the lake and the weather was absolutely BEAUTIFUL!  I actually got to enjoy real SUNSHINE!  In Michigan, surprise, surprise!!  Later on, as I was showing Garrett and his friend Cameron, Shaun White at 11 year old on YouTube, my girlfriend Liz of Trinity Photography dropped off the CD of our new family Portraits!  They turned out Great!!!  Thanks Liz!! xoxopam-22

Friday, was my son’s winter break from school.  So we slept in, ate pancakes and then after I took my walk, he helped me clean the floors.  My girlfriends Allie and Susan were coming over for lunch and afternoon craftiness, so I wanted the house to look nice.  Allie showed up on time (suprised the hell out of me ’cause she’s Brasilian.  I was expecting at least another hour!) I had to finish up the floors, so she started the beans and then dusted the living room for me!  :)  After we finished, I got cleaned up while Garrett chatted her up about living here in the U.S.   I came back into the kitchen where she showed me how to make Brasilian beans and rice!  We chatted the whole time, about all sorts of stuff!  We sat down to eat with Garrett and then Susan showed up not too long after.  After we ate, the 3 of us went downstairs to watch Allie’s wedding video and my parachuting in Brasil DVD.  Then we all came upstairs and made cards with the supplies my girlfriend Denise has loaned to me. (Thanks Denise! xoxoxoxoxo) We used paper, rubber stamps, ink, glue and glitter while we listened to music and chatted.  It felt like heaven! ;)100_0640

Saturday was very mellow.  Garrett went and played with his friend Cameron, while I took my walk and then talked with Blake.  Our phone connection was very clear and he said that they have already demolished half of the furnace!  WOW, he is a busy guy!!! I sure do love him. It may sound corny, but I love him more now than I did the day I married him.  Although he isn’t home physically, his heart is here with us.  He calls every single day and makes a point to stay connected to us.  He’s a great husband and father.  I’ve been very blessed and can’t wait to see him sometime next month.   I got a note from my girlfriend Paula, who is Mexican, but lives in Brasil, that she will be coming in next month for a conference in Auburn Hills, so she’ll be able to spend the weekend here with me!  Weeeee!  I’m so excited!  I haven’t seen her since last July!  Later on, Garrett and I got to hang out and watch the Olympics again too.

And here it is Sunday, my friendly blog reader.  Thank you for reading along.  It helps my heart to know that I can share these good times with you.  I would be absolutely thrilled to read in the comments about the good things that happened in your week!  Please share them with me ;)

I’ll be back tomorrow with the Inspirational song of the week!

xoxoxo Pam

In response to the stormy seas of life, my husband Blake and I have created this website to be a Current of Inspiration, a wave of love and joy to wash away hate and fear. By posting every week, it's our commitment to making our world a better place. We hope you find it uplifting and will share it with your friends! Thanks for stopping by! xoxo

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