The Inspirational word of the week is Trust.

Trust (noun) 1. reliance on the integrity, strength, ability or surety of a person or thing; confidence. 2. confident expectation; hope. (verb) 1. to rely upon 2. to believe .

So I handed in the rough draft of my You’re the Boat book to my friend and editor, Don “Don’t rush me” Rush. I’ve known him for manyDon Rush

Don didn’t disappoint me, in fact, he sent his notes and suggestions (all very kind and honest, thank you! ) back in time for me to look at it over during the weekend. I sent him a note thanking him for being so speedy, then printed everything out and left it all on my desk, where it currently sits, waiting for me to make the changes.

Now we come to the real issue. My problem isn’t that I don’t trust Don to do a good job editing the book. He’s got years of experience crafting words and ideas, not to mention the fact that he’s a really great guy. My problem is that I don’t really trust my writing skills. The analogy is so elegant and simple, I’m afraid of screwing it up by getting in it’s way. So instead of sitting down and working on the book, I spent the weekend hanging out with my son and doing lots of other things like laundry, fixing the gutters, talking on the phone, watching television and napping.¬†Although I realize that by avoiding the work I’m sabotaging myself, beating myself up about it isn’t going to help me either. Aaarrrrgh!

The word for what’s going on with me is Resistance. The very act of growing and stretching out past my comfort zone is triggering a very natural response of fear and anxiety.

do-the-workSteven Pressfield just wrote a book about it called Do the Work.(click this link to download it from Amazon for FR*EE) I read this book last week, knowing full well that I would be heading into this situation. And I’m glad I did because knowing these feelings I’m having are completely natural, but not impossible to beat is helping me to recognize them for what they are, a sure sign that I’m heading in the right direction.

Steven writes…“Resistance is Infallible. Like a magnetized needle floating on a surface of oil, Resistance will unfailingly point to true North–meaning that calling or action it most wants to stop us from doing. We can use this. We can use it as a compass. We can navigate by Resistance, letting it guide us to that calling or purpose that we must follow before all others.”

So, here I sit, my friendly blog reader, scared that I’m going to screw up, but determined to give it a try anyway. I have to try. I have to be willing to get out of my own way, put on my big girl panties and just DO THE WORK. I’ve come so far already, to turn back now isn’t even an option. There are too many people who need this book, this analogy, to help get their lives back in order. I can’t chicken out now. I have to focus on putting one word in front of the other, until it’s done.

It’s not up to me to judge whether it’s good enough. I’ll leave that up to Don and you, my friendly blog reader. I just have to finish writing the book.

It will be helpful to remember that my Captain gave me this analogy, because he/she believes in me and trusts me to share it with the people who need it. If my Captain has confidence in me, then who am I to doubt myself?!

These feelings of resistance and fear are just signs that I’m heading in the right direction.

So, I need to trust that the right words will come along the way.

And with Don’s help, this book will be done and ready to print very soon!! ¬† Exciting!!!!!

What do you think, my friendly blog reader?

Have a wonderful week and I’ll be back next Monday with the Inspirational song of the week.



p.s. “The temptation to quit will be greatest just before you’re about to succeed.” Chinese proverb

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