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Treasure: (noun) any thing or person greatly valued or highly prized. (verb) to treat as precious; to cherish.

hands-holding-a-glowing-heartMy sister and her family came in a couple of days ago to visit for a week. Our original plans to meet them in Sandusky, OH got messed up when they broke down in Indiana with a busted alternator. After driving for 6 days, they were all tired and restless, ready to be done with the first part of their trip. My sister called and told me about their adventure on the side of the freeway, with trucks flying past them, and the nice highway patrolmen that helped them find an open garage, and the tow truck that didn’t have enough room to fit everyone inside, so they had to call a cab, driven by a very nice man named Muhammed who moved to this country in order to spend more time with his kids. And Bill, the gentleman who helped them get their truck fixed, was kind, charming and found a special place in their hearts when he ‘motivated’ the mechanics to hurry up and get the truck fixed in order to get them back on the road.

By the time the truck was fixed, it was already late, so they decided to just drive here to my house in Michigan, instead of going all the way to Ohio. This worked well for me because Blake, Garrett and I had more time to clean and get their rooms ready.

They finally pulled in at 12:45pm!!  A huge smile took over my face as I held Tootsie back from running to meet their truck. As soon as the truck stopped, my sister came out of the passenger side door and we hugged each other tight.

This is just one moment that I will always remember and treasure. It’s been months since my sister and I have seen each other and many years since she’s been here. And after all of the drama of the days adventure, it felt wonderful to finally be together.

The very best part, my friendly blog reader, is that because their truck broke down, and they came here to Michigan first, so we all ended up having a day to sleep in, chat, relax, do some laundry, go shopping and recover before heading out to Cedar Point. Instead of going to the park exhausted and worn-out, my sister and her family were well-rested and excited to take on the roller-coasters. And we all got to travel together, as a family. FUN!!

God works in amazing ways.


Although they didn’t realize it while they were standing on the side of that freeway in Indiana, with the dust and gravel blowing in their faces, my family will always be able to look back on that memory and treasure it, because now they can recognize how God stepped in and created a diversion that forced them to change their plans and take a day to relax with us.

Having faith in God’s grace is a treasure. Unlike gold bouillon, we can’t spend it away.

It lives in our hearts forever.

I hope you enjoyed this post, my friendly blog reader.

I’m spending the rest of the week playing with my sister and her family! I know we’ll create many, many more moments to treasure!!

Have a wonderful week and I’ll be back on Monday with the Inspirational song of the week.

xoxo Pam

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