The Sacred Mirror

Eric KleinThis week, Eric Klein wrote a post titled What do you see in your sacred mirror?

“What’s a sacred mirror?” you may ask.

According to Eric…. A sacred mirror reflects the absurdity of your patterns and the nobleness of your soul.

A sacred mirror…

  1. Holds your patterns, limitations and emotionality in the light of loving awareness. 
  2. Allows you to see with humor, mercy and clarity how the patterns of the past have served their purpose.
  3. Reveals the radiance, presence and creativity that lies within you.
  4. Reflects that which you came into this life to embody and express.

curiosity girlCurious to learn more?

Go check out Eric’s Wisdom Heart website.  You’ll be so glad you did!!

Hoping you see whatever it is you need to see, my friendly blog reader!

xoxo Pam

p.s. Tonight is my book signing at the Library!  If you’re near Ortonville, I’d love to see you there!! :)

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