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Resolve: (noun) 1. a determination to follow some course of action. 2. firmness of purpose or intent. (verb) 1. to come to an earnest decision; to determine

20I just got back from Occupy Detroit and I have to tell you, my friendly blog reader, that although the numbers have indeed gone down from last Friday, (there were well over a thousand demonstrators that first evening) the number of full-time Occupiers has increased dramatically. The number of tents has more than doubled (if not tripled) and the amount of supplies has increased exponentially. In fact, while I was down there, I saw at least 3 cars stop by to drop off supplies.

After I dropped off some dry towels and hay bales, I talked with Justin, who is helping to run the food tent. He’s been running a restaurant for 5 years, but is now turning it over to his Mom in order to come down and live at Grand Circus park full-time. He’s using his expertise to help organize the supplies, cook and keep everything sanitary.

I asked him what they needed the most and he replied “Shelving and bins. In order to keep the food safe and sanitary, we need to be able to organize our supplies so that everyone will be able to help serve food in a healthy manner.”  He also talked about needing dried goods, like beans and rice, and spices, as well as propane to cook the food and hay to keep the mud to a minimum.

Although the regular media is portraying this effort as ‘a scattered bunch of ungrateful, lazy protestors’ what I’ve seen with my very own eyes are a bunch of people of all ages and races, working together. I happened to arrive right before lunch time and saw at least 50 people get full plates of hot food. Although I could have gotten a plate for myself, I chose not to so that there would be enough for the others who really need it. It looked really good tho, with chicken, peppers, onions, rice and bread.

Despite the rain and gloom, everyone seemed up-beat. I chatted with at least half a dozen people and they were all glad to meetchatty-fellow-occupydetroit me, shook my hand and thanked me for coming out. We talked about how impressed we were with the growth of this movement, as well as the resolve we saw in everyone who came down to be a part of it.

I wish I could share with you how incredible it felt to be down at Grand Circus Park. Although the weather was absolutely crappy, the mood of the people was radiant, hopeful and determined.

“It’s good to be doin’ what I’m supposed to be doin’ with the people I’m doin’ it with.” :)

dont-confuse-complexity-with-chaosThe problems of this country need to be addressed and that’s what this Occupy movement is all about. For too long, we the people have been ignored and exploited. The time has come to lead ourselves. We need to show our children that we can make a real difference by getting up and doing something to help fix our problems. They deserve to be hopeful about their future and proud of their parents.

I resolve to do my best to set a good example. I hope you will too.

This movement isn’t going away. In fact, it’s growing rapidly. A lady friend of mine told me about a website called It’s a website built to be a hub of information about all of the Occupy movements that are springing up around the country and the world. As of this writing, there are currently 1,588 Occupy meetups with many more slated to start soon. Take a look and see where you can go to find people dedicated to making a lasting, positive change.

xoxo Pam

p.s. That lady friend of mine also wrote a poem called “The Revolution will not be televised”.  Click the link so you can read it on Jen Louden’s website.  It’s phenomenal!

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  1. Blake says:


    Good post :) People should be held accountable for their actions.

  2. Pam Belding says:

    Thank You Blake!

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