Today is Wednesday, which means it’s time for the Inspiring word of the week.

Rectify: (verb) 1) to put right; remedy; correct.  2) to adjust for the solution of any proposed problem.

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When we first moved into this house back in November of 2004, it didn’t really feel like my house. Although it was lovely, the cool yellow color scheme wasn’t my choice, and  our furniture was still stuck in Mexico. (It would take 3 months to finally get it delivered)   I was feeling out of place and unsettled.   As a former California girl, I realized that the cold, gray winters of Michigan would soon play havoc with my sanity if I didn’t so something to rectify the situation.   One of the first things my husband and I did was to paint the kitchen Dandelion Yellow.

100_0331(Here is a recent picture of my little corner of heaven).

That coat of paint really did wonders to rectify my mood.  It took energy, patience and dedicated focus upon my objective of creating our home sweet home.   It still amazes me how one decision 5 years ago could effect my future so drastically.  I love my house now, especially my little corner of heaven, and our family is as happy as we have ever been.

Have a fantastic week!

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