Today is Wednesday, which means it’s time for the Inspirational word of the week.

Quality (noun) 1. essential characteristic 2. high-grade 3. an accomplishment. (adjective) 1. producing products or services of merit. 2. marked by a concentrated expenditure of involvement, concern or commitment.

My lady friend, Susan was telling me about a father and son she saw at a diner just the other day. She said “At first I thought, ‘Oh, how sweet’ and then I saw the father messing with his phone while the boy was just looking around, staring off into space”.  Seems like a missed opportunity for quality time between father and son.


It’s easy to get distracted these days, with cell phones and the internet at our finger tips.

Sometimes I worry about the quality of my attention with my son. I know he’s my greatest investment, but occasionally I do get lost in the internet and forget to put it away and pay full attention to him when he gets home.  I know that’s not right, and I try not to beat myself up over it, because I know that won’t help him either.  I’ve got to try to remember to be the best influence on him that I can be, (be a quality Mom) while still being here with you, my friendly blog reader.

Which brings me to this lovely video from Andy Dooley!!!  I hope you enjoy this as much as I did and most especially, I hope it helps you to remember that it’s really the quality of life that matters!!

Yeah, Baby!!
Have a wonderful week, my friendly blog reader!
I’ll be back on Monday with the Inspirational song of the week.
xoxo Pam

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