Today is Wednesday, which means it’s time for the Inspirational word of the day.

Patience: (noun) 1. quiet, steady perseverance. 2. the ability to suppress restlessness. 3. the bearing of provocation, annoyance, misfortune or pain without complaint.

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img_9629-edited2_1_1_1I made this project way back in 2004, while I was still living in Mexico.  I used Mexican jute, hand-made paper, leather strap and beads, some of which I made and some I took off of a necklace. The saying in the middle says “Actively pursue patience” with little black swirls made from Sculpey clay encircling it.  (The black velvet “dress” didn’t get added until years later).

Honestly, I hated this project when I first made it. It seemed uneven and top-heavy. Although I liked the colors of the beads, paper and fabric before it came together, once I made it, I just hated it. The saying on it came from somewhere in my head. It could be the Universe, Allah, God, or my sub-conscious was trying to teach me something! (ya think?)

So I stuffed it into a box and forgot about it until after we moved back to Michigan. I came across it again a couple of years later while looking for something else. When I first saw it, I seriously considered throwing it out, until I thought “What it needs is just a little black dress.” So I cut the shape out of some scrap velvet I had laying around and put it together.

That made all the difference in the world. ;)

This project is now one of my most favorite pieces, especially because I know how much I really hated it at first.

As a naturally energetic person, I have a tendency to get very restless when I feel stressed. My default reaction is to do more, do something, anything to feel like I have some control over whatever it is that’s causing my anxiety.

I have learned that sometimes doing more can make things worse, because freaking out and losing control only makes things harder because of the extra damage they cause.

Making this project (along with many, many others) has helped to teach me to “actively pursue patience” instead of trying to fix everything at once.

Jennifer Louden “the Comfort Queen” wrote a poem about this on her  Self-Care minder blog yesterday.

Comfort Wishes

Wishing you

Strength to love the curl of the question mark around your heart

Patience to wait for the stirring of your turmoil to reveal the next leap

and most of all

the humility to listen to what wants to be heard.

I wish you, my friendly blog reader patience, humility and strength as you go through this week.

I’ll be back on Monday with the Inspirational song of the week.



p.s. I’ve been thinking about selling posters of my projects, instead of parting with the actual pieces. Would you be interested? Let me know……

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