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Nurture: (verb) 1. to feed and protect 2. to support and encourage 3. to bring up; train; educate. (noun) 1. development 2. nourishment 3. education.

nurture Earlier this week, I had the opportunity to be the guest speaker at Innovative Lifestyles, Inc. They’re a non-profit corporation established in 1993 whose purpose is to provide residental care, support and treatment for men and women with developmental, physical, health and/or psychiatric disabilities in a community based setting.

Executive Director, Pam Hurley invited me to come in and talk to her staff about my Magic Wand Handbook and ‘You’re the Boat’. I wish I could say I was completely prepared, and for the ‘You’re the Boat’ part I was, but I hadn’t really thought about how to talk about the Magic Wand handbook. I was so focused on talking about ‘You’re the Boat’ that I didn’t really spend enough time talking about why I make magic wands and wrote the Handbook. Although I always carry them with me in my purse, I forget sometimes that really, it’s not normal and other people are interested in why I do what I do.

What I should have said was …… I make magic wands because I believe in making the world a better place. Helping people feelmagic wands under construction better and stronger about themselves, nurturing their strengths is the best way I know to do that. Although I don’t usually sell very many of the wands that I’ve made, I really love hosting classes to help other people make their own! I bring in all of the supplies and then guide my students to discover……”making a magic wand is a way to nurture the power within yourself. Your magic wand is a physical representation of that power. Whether you carry it with you, or put it where you can see it every day, your magic wand is a reminder of how awesome you really are. By choosing your favorite color when you paint it, or deciding to put on ribbon or leather, making it your own creates powerful magic! Magic Wand HandbookYour Magic!!

The Magic Wand Handbook is designed to boost that magic. When you read though the inspirational quotes contained within it’s pages, you’ll be reminded ‘One thing can change everything’ and to’Focus on your strengths’ as well as ‘Don’t let the perfect be the enemy of the good‘. All of the quotes within this book, whether by themselves, or read in order, will feed your spirit and nurture your soul. Keep the Magic Wand Handbook close-by and soon you’ll realize that by accepting encouragement and hope, you become the magic you’ve been looking for!”

That’s what I wish I would have said. However, I know did the best I could and beating myself up now would just be a waste of time. Overall, my presentation went well and most everyone really seemed to enjoy it. I know I really did!!  I’m looking forward to doing more classes very soon!

Fortunately, I gave out my business cards and let everyone know that I write this blog. Hopefully, if they’re reading this post and are interested in getting a Magic Wand Handbook, they can click here and be directed to the page where they can buy one. (Scroll down to the bottom of the page to find it ) For more information about a Magic Wand making class or inspirational speaking engagement, please e-mail me at pambelding at gmail dot com.

After I got home from doing my presentation the other day, I surfed through my website, looking for some of my favorite posts to share with my new potential blog readers. Although the Visitors Center and my Intentions pages have a lot to offer, I want to make a new, short list of my current favorites.finger-painting

1.  Oh Honey, this one was inspired by a very special friend of mine.

2.  Savor, after 3 re-writes, it’s a post I still re-read at least once a week.

3. Believe, I literally bounced out of bed looking forward to writing this one!

4. Clarity, this scared me as I wrote it, because it forced me to realize my true purpose!

5. Harmonize & Synergize, this post came out so fast, I still can’t believe I wrote it!

6. Protect, a true story.

7. Perspective, “The only thing I have any control over is my own attitude.”

8. With Imagination, this song is in my Soundtrack!

9. Quintessential, a reminder that true love is real.

All of these posts have been written to nurture you, my friendly blog reader, as well as me.

I still enjoy writing this blog! :) It’s amazing to look back over it and see how far I’ve come since I started back in 2009.

I hope you enjoy it, too. Feel free to share it with anyone you feel could use some nurturing!

Have a wonderful weekend and I’ll be back on Monday with the Inspirational song of the week!

xoxo Pam

p.s. If you’re in the South East Michigan area and would like to nurture your creativity, come be a part of the Enjoy the Process Coloring Contest at the Beets, Beats & Eats farmers Market! Click the link to read all about!!

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