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Magic (noun) 1. creating or conjuring 2.the art of producing a desired effect 3. the power or influence that produces enchantment.

pam-and-susan-laughingI was taking my walk around the lake this weekend, when I got to thinking about what magic means to me.

After all, I make magic wands and carry them in my purse. I teach classes a host parties for my friends so they can make their own and I wrote the Magic Wand Handbook, “Because faith in yourself is the strongest magic there is“.  But how can I recognize it? What does magic look like?

So, I’m cruising around the lake, enjoying the sunshine when the word Mirth came into my head. Mirth makes me think of laughter, giggles, smiles and sparkle! (see the picture to the left) Magic is fun, so that makes sense. Magic starts with the letter M, so I wonder what the rest of the letters could mean.

I LOVE this next part, my friendly blog reader, because I didn’t force myself to think about anything. In fact, I purposely kept my mind open to whatever came next. (It’s an awesome feeling when I realize I’m about to learn something new! I wish I could bottle that feeling and sell it!!) It was in this state of openness that the word Acceptance came up. Well, of course! One of the most powerful parts of magic is acceptance.  Without it, the magic has nowhere to go. Then the word Generosity popped in!  Magic comes from a generous source. It’s a gift or an offering. Generosity is, in fact, the central point of magic.

It felt like puzzle pieces coming together!! :) I was savoring this feeling of being tuned in, just waiting for wisdom. I kept on walking and the last two pieces came in almost right on top of each other. Independence and community. Yeah!! Although it’s extremely important to know what we’re good at and to focus on our strengths, it’s when we share our gifts with our community that everyone benefits. That’s where the magic can really happen!

  • Mirth100_1122
  • Acceptance
  • Generosity
  • Independence
  • Community

Aaaaahhh, that was so much fun!!

If anything, I certainly conjured up a good mood!! :)

So, what do you think, my friendly blog reader?!

What does magic mean to you? How do you recognize it?

I’d love to read your thoughts in the comments below!!

Have a great week, and I’ll be back on Monday with the Inspirational song of the week.

xoxo Pam

P.S. I posted a survey this week, asking readers where they keep their magic wands. The results are in, and it looks like most people keep it at their desk, with next to the bed a close second!  Thanks everyone for participating!!

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