Living a life of Grace

I originally received this in an e-mail and nothing said who the author was.  It really struck a chord with me, and I have kept it in my things for over a year.

I’d like to share it with you because it is still so timely and beautiful.  Enjoy.

In music, a grace note is the pause between notes that is so important to the pacing of a song.  Grace is the state we are in when we are doing nothing but just being who we are.  When we accept that we always exist in a state of grace, we are able to live our lives more graciously.  Knowing we are graced gives us hope, makes us more generous and allows us to trust that we are taken care of even when we are going through difficult times.  Grace is our benevolence of heart, and our generosity of spirit.  Grace is unconditional love and the beauty that is our humanity.  When we know that we are blessed with grace, we can’t help but want to live our lives in harmony.”

Have a wonderful day ;)


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One comment on “Living a life of Grace
  1. Denise Scripter says:

    This sums it up so well…
    I wish you many moments of Grace today, dear friend.

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