Today is Wednesday, which means it’s time for the Inspirational word of the week.

Intention: (noun) meaning or significance, purpose, goal.

After writing the Visitors center post last week, (which I’m still not completely satisfied with, but it’s a good start!)  I was compelled to work on one of my burlap art projects. The pieces to it have all been sitting on my dining room table for months, just waiting for me to take the time to finish it.  Well, my darling husband was out of the country (he arrives home today, YEAH!) so I took out my project and worked on it over Friday and Saturday. By Sunday I had finished it.  Take a look………

What did you intend by that?

What did you intend by that?

The frame came from a garage sale, the burlap is American, the beads I made and the feathers I’ve been collecting over the past year or so. Special thanks to my lady friend Susan who gave me an old belt when she came over for breakfast last week!  (Thanks Honey! xoxoox) The ram’s head came from another friend of mine, Sean Baker, who made it while he was blacksmithing with his son (whom I’ve written about before here).  The leather piece in the center came from an old support belt my grandfather wore many, many years ago.  My Dad sent it to me along with his leather stamping kit. So as I was working on making this project, (especially the leather part), I got the distinct feeling that my grandfather was sitting alongside me, cheering me on. This was especially neat because I never got to meet my grandfather. He died just before my sister and I were adopted into the family.  Thanks Grampa! xoxo


I picked this phrase because of a book written by Pace & Kyeli called The Usual Error.  (click the link to check it out but don’t click on the picture to look inside. The picture came from Amazon because the picture from the site came thru with the top chopped off.  I apologize for being technologically challenged and unable to figure out how to fix this. Ugh. Just go check out the book. It’s AWESOME!)

I had been reading this book when a lady friend of mine, Paula, came in for a visit from Brasil. Paula was telling me about how her job in Human Resources was really difficult because most of the time, the people that came to see her were already pissed off, frustrated and venting anger because of what somebody else had said.  She said she wanted something that would help to remind them to calm down in order to get to the solutions. That’s when I told her about this book and how I was thinking about making a project with this phrase on it. The phrase is meant to be a way to step away from the overwhelm, while staying engaged enough to work toward a solution. (Paula’s favorite color is red, so when I saw this frame at a garage sale, I knew it was the perfect one. :))

Now because Paula lives in Brasil, she said she would be interested in having a poster of this project to hang up in her office.  I’m interested in making posters of this and some of my other projects, however, I can’t afford to do it, unless I can sell them.

Which brings me to ask you, my friendly blog reader, would you be interested in buying posters of my burlap art projects?  I would really appreciate your feed back! Please e-mail me at pambelding AT gmail DOT com.  I look forward to your response!

The other thing I was thinking about while making this project was this video……

Thanks to Jen Louden who introduced me to this! xoxo



My intention, is to be a part of the solution.

I know that when we focus positive energy upon the people, relationships and systems that support us, we become an integral part of the solution to all of the problems in our world. To speak well of another is a blessing to all.


My goal is inspire you, my friendly blog reader, to reach beyond the fear and frustration towards the answers you, and everyone else, are looking for. (Dear Universe…..I would LOVE to go to Jon Stewarts Rally to Restore Sanity, Seriously!!)

My purpose is help remind you that you don’t have to be afraid (click here dont-be-afraid to listen) because life never gets resolved. The best we can get is an opportunity to enjoy the process and have some fun!

Faith in yourself is the strongest magic there is.

I truly believe this and I hope you, my friendly blog reader, are feeling stronger in yourself.

So what do you think?  What are your intentions today? Do you want to save the world, too?

I look forward to reading your thoughts in the comments!

xoxo Pam

p.s. Don’t forget to e-mail me at pambelding AT gmail DOT com if your interested in posters of my burlap art.

p.p.s. Go check out and take a look at real ways to make positive changes. :)

p.p.p.s. I’m looking to connect with others in a positive, healing, helpful, graceful, manner.  Any offensive comments will be moderated. Have a wonderful day! xoxo

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