How to recognize generosity.

Instead of doing the Inspirational word of the week, I’m doing a series based on the prayer from my Stretch…..”Stay open to the balance of energies and show patience for time to do it’s work. Embrace the place where life happens. By recognizing graciousness, kindness, generosity and bravery, we discover the power to create a better future is contained in the present moment.” This week, we’re looking at generosity.

takethatnap125bIn preparation for todays post, I re-read Lisa Baldwin’s wonderful e-book Take that nap.

And then I took a nap. Seriously. I actually laid down on the couch, curled up with my favorite, purple afghan and snoozed for a whole hour.

Because YOU deserve my best, my friendly blog reader. You deserve a healthy, happy blog writer sitting behind these keys, not someone who’s burned out, stressed-out and resentful of the time it’s taking to create this. That wouldn’t help anyone.

My friend Katie asked me this question the other day “How can you slow down when there are a million things to do?

Here is my response…..

The quality of the energy you put behind your actions directly effects your entire life.

Like the wind behind your sails, good, strong, healthy energy will propel you forward, joyfully, happily, living with Gusto!! You can feel Divine energy flowing through you into everything you do and it is gooooood!!

frazzledBut tired, resentful energy leaves you stuck, hopelessly drifting, resigned to a life of problems and despair. (check out this post from Jen Louden about defeating resignation xoxo)

When you do too much (trying to make everyone else happy)  you burn yourself out and make things worse.

Instead of getting tons of stuff done, you end up dissappointing yourself, as well as the people you were trying to help.

You deserve better than that.

You deserve to have a good day, every day! And your Crew does too!

You can have a life worth looking forward to, and it starts with being generous to yourself.

little-girls-tea-partyFill up your cup first, in order to better serve others.

When you honor your own needs, other people will see that. They’ll recognize your ability to take care of yourself and be more likely to trust and respect you. However, if they don’t treat you with respect, then they don’t deserve your time or attention. You can’t make anyone else happy. If they’re not happy, it’s their own responsibility to figure out what they need and then go get it, not yours. You can only influence them by setting a good example.

Remember, people will treat you the way they see you treat yourself.

Take a few moments to check out this audio from Jen Louden about your Minimum requirements and then take a look at Lisa’s Take that nap book. Reading it is like getting a hug from an angel. (p.s. I’m an affiliate for the book, which means if you purchase it, I’ll get a little something.)

Then, before you head out, ready to tackle the world, do yourself a favor and read this wonderful Meanie Manifesto, developed by Yolanda Facio at Red.Hot.Momentum. It’s a practical guide to setting rules, establishing boundaries and taking charge of your life. Honestly, it won’t really make you into a meanie, but it will help you make healthy choices about what you will and won’t do.

When you treat yourself well, you’ll be more willing and able to savor your life and serve your people. You’ll have a positive influence because you’ll feel better.

And that’s what you really want, isn’t it?

Generosity comes from sustaining yourself in order to take care of others.

Dear Katie, I hope I’ve answered your question!!

And I hope you’ve enjoyed this post, my friendly blog reader.

Have a wonderful week, and I’ll see you back here on Monday with a tribute to someone who’s influence changed my life.

xoxo Pam

p.s. I saw this on Facebook this morning….

“Today, I will be the kind of woman who allows life to flow through her. All of the good and positive things will stay with me and the drama and negativity will just flow on out to the sea. So sayeth the Queen.”

Queen Kathy Kinney of

Cindy Ratzlaff & Kathy Kinney

Cindy Ratzlaff & Kathy Kinney

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