How to recognize bravery

Instead of doing the Inspirational word of the week, I’m doing a series based on the prayer from my Stretch…..”Stay open to the balance of energies and show patience for time to do it’s work. Embrace the place where life happens. By recognizing graciousness, kindness, generosity and bravery, we discover the power to create a better future is contained in the present moment.” This week, we’re looking at bravery.

My parents came in to visit last week. During their visit, we took them to SeptemberFest, the Michigan Renaissance Festival in Holly and then on their last day, we toured the Ford Rouge Factory in Dearborn, Michigan.

henry-ford-and-quadracycleIt was during the bus ride into the factory tour when I learned Henry Ford had 2 failed attempts to establish automotive companies before the Ford Motor company. That kind of surprised me. I guess I had just assumed that his idea was so awesome that his first try was successful. When I learned otherwise, I immediately started thinking about how hard it must have been for him, and his wife to keep trying, despite the loss of time and money. Especially after the second one failed. How did he keep trying? What was it that convinced him to jump right back up and go out and try it again?

Bravery. That unstoppable determination to do what he knew he had to do, despite the distractions of fear and anxiety.

Although I’m sure part of him was scared of failing again, he didn’t give up. Through hard work and determination, his bravery eventually paid off, not only for him, but also for the hundreds of thousands of people who have been employed by his company ever since. Not to mention the fact that his vision changed the entire world. He didn’t invent the car, nor did he invent the assembly line. What he did was mass produce a car inexpensive enough for everyone (especially the people who made them) to drive. He did this by creating a system called the vertical-integration process. Henry Ford’s Rouge plant was unlike anything other factory of it’s time, in that it had everything it needed to build a car. It started with getting the raw materials shipped in and then housing the foundaries to make the parts and then all the way through the building process to the finished product. It was, and still is, a tremendous undertaking. I’m sure he had his detractors and critics telling him why it wouldn’t work. But he ignored them. He didn’t give up. He understood the risks and instead of letting fear stop him, he focused on planning through the problems, and then used bravery, determination and vision to propel him toward his goals. ford-rouge-plant-green-roof

Henry Ford didn’t let uncertainty get in the way of his vision. He instilled the spirit of innovation and  progress in his people.That’s why today the Rouge Plant is still in operation today. Only now it’s been radically renovated. It’s state of the art ‘green roof’ is revolutionary and a model of foward thinking. My family and I were totally impressed and inspired. If you’re ever in the SouthEast Michigan area, I would HIGHLY recommend taking the tour. You won’t be dissappointed.

uncertainty-bookheaderSpeaking of uncertainty, Jonathan Fields has a new book coming out titled Uncertainty, turning fear and doubt into fuel for brilliance. Although I haven’t read it yet, I’ll be downloading it onto my Kindle and reading it very soon. (Click the link to read more about it.)

Since I’ve just about finished my book, You’re the Boat, I’m looking forward to publishing it soon. Now I need to come up with a substantial amount of money to make this happen. So, instead of freaking out about how hard this will be, I’m going to read Jonathan’s book and take a lesson from Henry Ford. I’m going to face into my challenges, ignore my critics (especially the ones in my head) and plan through my problems. In order to make the money I need to publish my book, I’m going to be doing the You’re the Boat presentations, starting at Soothe your Soul in Oxford. (I’m talking with Hannah today and should have a date within the next day or two). From there, I’m going to branch out and talk to other stores, offices and businesses. My presentation is inexpensive ($25 per person and includes the workbook) short, motivational and a wonderful compliment to staff meetings.

Although I realize not everyone I talk to will be interested and supportive, I’ll just keep trying because  I know in my heart this book needs to be published. This analogy inspires self-empowerment and that’s an idea that needs to spread. My Captain has given me this analogy for a reason. It’s not my place to question why, just to share it.

So, my friendly blog reader, if you know of anyone who would be interested in helping me publish this book, I would be thrilled to meet them. And if you would like to help, I would be most honored and grateful if you would. Please contact me through the blog, or e-mail me at pambelding at gmail dot com.

“Bravery can be recognized by the determination to reach your goals, despite of the distractions.”

I hope you’ve enjoyed this post, my friendly blog reader.

Have a great week, and I’ll be back on Monday with the Inspirational song of the week.

xoxo Pam

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