Today is Wednesday, which means it’s time for the Inspirational word of the day.

Healing: (noun) the act or process of regaining health.

(adjective) 1) curing; helping to heal 2) getting well; mending

Click here for the full definition from dictionary.com.

As I’ve posted before, I walk every day and have  for more than 10 years.  I started when I was pregnant with my son, (in order to quit smoking).   I got the okay from the doctor after I gave birth with the instructions that I  should start off slowly and consistently in order to make it into a habit.  She said that if I pushed myself too hard, too fast, the healing process would actually take longer.

And she was absolutely right, because at first I didn’t listen to her and I paid for it with hemmorroids the size of golf balls.  For those of you that have not had one, I can only describe it as absolute hell on earth.  No coughing, laughing, lifting, walking, turning, or sitting up without extreme amounts of pain.  It truly sucks.

I was forced to relax. Not an easy task for yours truly.  I could only live through it and pray that one day I would wake up and notice improvement from the day before.

And that is what healing feels like.

That realization that things aren’t as bad as they were the day before.

The trick is to embrace that feeling without overwhelming it.  Like a newly lit fire, you have to protect it and encourage it to grow.

There are many ways to encourage healing.  Music, art, friendship, laughter.  These all play an integral role in making things better.

Healing happens every day.

How are you holding up?


p.s. I’d like to thank Jennifer Louden for inspiring this post.  Her surgery yesterday went smoothly, Yeah!!  I’m sending prayers and healing energy out to her…….!!!

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