Good Morning Sunshine

Wahooo!  I bought a car last night!  A 2002 VW Jetta Wagon TDI with heated cloth seats, a power moon roof, silver with black interior and best of all 45 mpg.  It is my dream that Garrett will one day over-haul this car to run on biodiesel (which shouldn’t be too hard, considering the model)!!!

So now, I have to fly with Garrett,( who is also excited about the new car but still only 9 years old so he knows he has some time to wait until it is his to play with) to Knoxville, Tennessee to pick it up and then drive it home to Michigan.

I LOVE taking a road trip, especially in a new (okay, new to me) car.  It is a tradition of mine to take a really long trip in my new car to break it in get used to it! Now I get to share the joy with my dear son.  What a treat!

Only a week left until we travel back home (to Michigan) for a visit.

We’ll be back to Brasil the first of July, in time for Steve and Allie’s wedding.

One more month of expatriate life in Brasil and then it’s back to Michigan for good.  Or actually back until the next assignment.

Question of the day “If you expect the worst, what is the best you can get?”

Any answers?   I’ll post mine next time.

Tchau for now,  P

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