Today is Wednesday, which means it’s time for the Inspirational word of the day.

Desire: (verb) to wish or long for. (noun) a longing or craving for something that brings satisfaction.

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This word serves double duty as a verb and noun.  I think that gives it twice as much power. ;)

As a child, I was taught that children are to be seen and not heard.  So when it came to expressing my wants and desires, I got really good at dismissing them.  I felt I was being “greedy” or “naughty” if I asked for something.

Fast forward 30 plus years, and  I started asking myself “What do I really want?”  “What is it that my heart and soul really desire?”

At first, I couldn’t think of anything.  “You’ve got everything, already.  Why can’t you just be happy with what you’ve got?”   Aaarrrgghhhh!  But I kept asking, because I really, really wanted to know what I’m supposed to be doing with all of this energy.

Then, the small, quiet voice of my desire  decided to finally speak up and say

I want to help save the world“.

Finally, we’re getting somewhere!  My desire had been pummeled but not broken!

So I ask myself “How do you want to do that?”

By using art, music, laughter and friendships too!”

Now I could hear the desire getting  bigger, louder and more excited because she was finally being listened to and nurtured!

So I started making burlap wall-hangings while listening to the Concert for George Harrison.

(This concert was held a year to the day after George’s death.  Eric Clapton and George’s wife and son brought together all of his friends and put on a concert to share their love of George with the world.  If George could have heaven on Earth, this is what it would look like.  Actually, that is EXACTLY what it was.)

Day after day, I ask myself what I want, not just what I can get.  My desire has grown stronger everyday and continues to push me along, guiding me toward fulfilling my true purpose.

I’ve discovered that saving the world may be a daunting task to look at all at once, but if I break it down to focusing on myself, listening to my desire, giving myself what I need and then enjoying it, I have saved myself.  And that’s a start in the right direction.  The world needs me to be happy.  By sharing that happiness with as many people as I can, I CAN save the world, one person at a time.

So that is why I write bit, sing out loud, skip in parking lots, throw parties, make art as well as put together Art classes, bang my head, and volunteer putting together community events like the Beets, Beats & Eats farmers market, CreekFest and Christmas in the Village.  I also support the Department of Peace and the Peace Alliance.  You can find more information about this at

My desire is happier  now because I have started listening to her voice.  Desire doesn’t sit in a corner, waiting to be noticed.  Like a cat rubbing around my legs, desire gets noticed, dammit!!!

Have you asked yourself what you desire, lately?

Listen to John Mayer’s Love Song for no one.  His desire is inspiring.  “Never underestimate the power of  ‘I’d like that'”.  That is what desire feels like!!!

Have a great week!!!


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