One of the really cool things about living here on planet Earth is all the different critters. Depending on where you are, you’ll come across all sorts of different ‘Beasties’ (as Sarah Seidelmann calls them).

I’ve come across many different kinds of critters through my travels, so I thought I’d share with you a couple of the more interesting stories.

iguanaThe first story is about a big lizard. It happened during our first trip to Brasil. We hadn’t been there very long, maybe a couple of months, when on my way back home from walking around our block, I saw a great big, green lizard running up the street toward me. Now this creature was probably at least 3 feet long, which was scary enough, but the fact that it had a frog sticking out of it’s mouth just freaked me out!!! (I was already kinda freaked out that day because I had accidentally killed a gecko, squishing it when I slid the shutter back while washing the windows. Poor little guy was cut almost in half. Ugh!) When the lizard saw me, it turned and ran into my yard!  Aaaaack!!!  I wasn’t sure what to do, but since I had to go home, I did. Although I didn’t see the lizard, I quickly realized I had left my front door wide open. Fortunately, Butch, the dog that came with our house, was laying in the doorway waiting for me. He didn’t seem worried, but then I guessed he wouldn’t be upset by a lizard, being Brasilian and a dog.

I grabbed my phone and climbed up on top of my dining room table to call my husband and tell him what happened. Blake tried to comfort me by telling me that since the lizard already had something to eat it probably wouldn’t bother me. True, but I wasn’t going to take any chances, so I spent the next couple of hours sitting up on top of my dining room table while Butch stared at me from his spot on the rug in front of the door. I finally came down off of the table when I had to go pick up Blake from work. That was a really long day.

june-bug-770c1My second story is about june bugs. One night  I was stirring a pot of spaghetti sauce for dinner. It was really, really hot then, so I since I had my hair up in a ponytail all day, I’d taken it down to relax my head (if you have long hair, you’ll know what I mean, if not just trust me). Since we didn’t have air-conditioning in the kitchen, I had the front and back doors wide open to catch the breeze (or would have if there had been one). As I’m stirring the sauce, a swarm of june bugs comes flying through the kitchen and some of them get stuck in my hair! AAAAAaaaaa!!! I totally freak out, flinging spaghetti sauce all over the wall! I’m trying to pull the june bugs out of my hair, but they have those hooks on their legs so they wouldn’t come out!  Blake comes in to the kitchen to see what all the fuss is about and sees “red stuff” splattered all over the wall. I’m screaming “Get them off of me! Get them out of my hair!” and jumping around, so Blake doesn’t really know what to do. (Of course by then, the swarm was already gone, so he had no idea what I’m freaking out about! Geez! Just my luck!)

tof00001I pulled one of the june bugs out of my hair to show him what I was talking about. He helped me get the rest of the bugs out of my hair, 12 june bugs in all. Ick!!!

The next day I went and had all of my hair cut off. No more worries about creepy things getting stuck in my hair. (This picture was taken on our back porch just a few weeks later).

Speaking of creepy things, my next story is about a scorpion.

white-scorpionWe were living in Queretaro, Mexico. I went into the kitchen before bed to make Garrett’s lunch for school the net day. Since it was really late, I didn’t turn on the big light, just the little one over the stove. As I was making his sandwich, I stepped to the right to reach for a ziploc bag when I noticed something under my bare foot. I pulled my foot back and looked down to see a white scorpion (the really poisonous kind) under the counter. Garrett’s teacher had warned me about these, especially the white ones. She had been stung by one and had almost died. She had said to not only watch out for the scorpion itself, but to that it might be carrying an egg sac and the babies can be harmful too.

My heart was pounding once I realized what had almost happened. I yelled for Blake to come in and take a look. Then I grabbed one of his steel-toed boots and after Blake got a real good look at it, I crushed it with the heel. Once it was smashed flat, I poured lighter fluid on it and lit it on fire. Then I wiped up the mess and flushed it. I realized how lucky I was I didn’t get stung. After that, I wore flip-flops, even in the house.

I’ve been very blessed and protected by Grace. I have no doubts.

tof00004Since I’ve already told you about Butch, here’s his story. He was laying in front of the house we had rented the night we moved in. He looked like a mix between a German Shepherd and a Husky. As we pulled into the drive-way, he got up and came over to me, curious, but not intimidating. I came out of the car first and asked him “Hey Buddy, mind if we live here for a while?” He wagged his tail, lowered his ears and came over and licked my hand. What a great answer!

I swear I think he was a guardian Angel. Since this was my first trip out of the country, I was really nervous. Especially with Blake at work all day, and the neighborhood basically deserted during the week, it was nice to have such a sweet friend with really, big teeth to spend the day with. He’d spend most of his time with me, going off occasionally to do whatever stray dogs do.

One morning,on my way out the door to take Blake and his boss to the airport, I noticed Butch had this sticky stuff on his fur when I petted his head. I wasn’t sure what it was, and since I didn’t have time to stop, I figured I’d just deal with it when I got back home.

After I got back from the airport, I looked over Butch a little more closely. I noticed this sticky stuff was all over his head and his back. I pulled out the hose, soap and a bucket and proceeded to wash him down. As I lathered him up, the foam turned yellow. That’s when it dawned on me that the sticky stuff was urine!  The local horse owners would let their horses out to wander around to find grass and stuff. Apparently Butch had been chasing a horse when it pee’d all over him!

Aaawww Gross!! Although he didn’t enjoy the bath, he actually held still long enough for me to clean him up. That was the first and last time that happened. Any future baths we tried to give him ended up with one or both of us getting dragged across the yard.

tof00005Butch lived with us the entire trip, up until a couple of weeks before we left. He had found a girl dog and was…….busy. (wink, wink, nudge, nudge) I was worried he wouldn’t come back before we left to go back home to the States, but he did, 2 days before we left. He was filthy, smelly and had a crazy, glazed look in his eyes, like he wasn’t really ‘there’, but I was just glad he made it back. I didn’t bother trying to wash him, I’d learned my lesson. I just scratched his neck and thanked him for keeping me company all those months. The last time we saw him was as we were driving out of town, heading to the airport. He was on the top of the elementary school steps………………… getting busy with the little girl dog! :) Thanks Butch, I’ll never forget you.

Every day there are creatures and critters that offer us messages and signs. Whether or not we pay attention to them, they always have lessons to pass on. If you’re curious about why you’ve seen something, or had an encounter of some kind, check out Sarah’s new app based on her book “What the Walrus knows“. She created it to help us decipher the messages offered by the Divine through our animal friends. The app is designed for both iPhone and iPad. It looks really cool (and if I had an iPhone I would totally get it!!! In the meantime, I’ll just have to settle for the book.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this post, my friendly blog reader.

Have you had an interesting experience with a critter? I would truly LOVE to read about it in the comments section below!

Have a wonderful week!

xoxo Pam

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p.p.s. Thank to Google for all of the other images I used in today’s post.

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