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This week I read something from that made me laugh and cry at the same time!

As a fan of the show “the Office”, I was glued to my television this past Thursday night to watch Jim and Pam get married.  The show referred to “this thing from YouTube”, which since I hadn’t seen before so didn’t make sense to me.  The very next day, I was reading Steve’s post and there it was, the video they were talking about, and I’ll be darned if it didn’t look very much like the show.  Cool!

Steve wrote in his post” Seeing these people having the time of their lives doing something new challenged me to enjoy what at first I thought I’d hate.”  I love that!  He was “challenged to enjoy“.

Anyone who has watched the Office recognizes the awkwardness and difficulties posed to the characters of this show.  I found myself “watching from between my fingers, a grimace of embarrassment on my face”  (thanks Steve, you sure do right purty!) unable to turn away.  When Jim accidentally makes reference to Pam’s pregnancy during the rehearsal dinner toast the night before the wedding, I actually screamed!  How is Pam going to handle this?   I was absolutely riveted to my seat as I watched Jim and then Michael both just keep talking and make it worse.  This challenge to enjoy the celebration despite the distraction of  Pam’s grandmother MeeMaw’s righteous indignation is what makes this show one of the best on television (my opinion).  (This week I also read Seth Godin’s post about “righteous indignation” and laughed my ass off imagining Meemaw with a green face!  Priceless!!)

Pam just sat there gracefully, unable to fix anything, and hopeless to explain to her Meemaw (grandmother) how being pregnant at her wedding was acceptable nowadays because she and Jim truly love each other.  As a fellow “Pam”, I felt her pain and anguish and marvelled at the writing in this show as well as the truly wonderful acting of the entire cast.

Which brings me to why I needed to write this.

Every day poses different challenges to enjoy, opportunities for fulfillment buried beneath the distractions of responsibility and expectation.  It is up to me (and you) to dig out the nuggets of beautiful, hold on to hope and go find the pink things that make life truly worthwhile.

Thanks to Steve Errey, the confidence guy online.  Your website is marvelous and always helpful.  And thanks to everyone who puts together the Office.  Your show is smart, funny and fresh. Thanks to Seth Godin for a really great laugh,  and for the JK Wedding party, I wish you all a future full of happiness and joy!



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