Cadavers and Cocktails

cadavers and cocktails

My lady-friend, Jill Stodola has just written and published a book titled Cadavers and Cocktails.

In her own words…..“Cadavers and Cocktails: is a collection of true stories from dark to light. Not for the faint at heart. The title is derived from a dream inspired by a salad of wasabi peas, greens & chicken. In my dream I was at the morgue with friends visiting a medical examiner friend. He said, “Don’t know why you are here. How about we meet after work for cadavers and cocktails?” Seemed like a novel idea to us.
Dark to Light. To get to the light you must first go through the dark. The dark part is life’s many trials and disappointments.
The light part is when my heart is flooded with happiness. The happiness is from my victories over problems and a few YES moments.”
Jill wrote this book after the break-up of a very unhealthy relationship. Doctor’s order were to “Stay strong, write your book and stay away from him.” Fortunately, she took that to heart.
In 94 pages, she has pulled together the ‘scattered thoughts’ from her journals to create short essays illustrating her life experiences. Sometimes difficult and heart-wrenching, her story is unfortunately not uncommon. The pain of her abuse is balanced with the gratitude she recognizes and writes down in her life’s ‘yes’ moments. It’s a true testament to the reality of life, in all of it’s many shades.
What most impresses me about her, and this book, is her willingness to harness the energy of Jill Stodolapain and fear created in the past, in order to transform and inspire her future. Instead of letting the fear paralyze her, she’s growing through it.
She’s not a victim. She’s a survivor!
By creating something beautiful and helpful out of her pain, she not only gets the pride of knowing she finished writing her book (WooHoo!! Congratulations!!!) she also gets the phenomenal feeling that comes from knowing that telling her story will help many, many other people.
We honor God and ourselves when we fully accept the lessons of the past in order to create something inspiring from them.
You can pick up the book, softcover or e-book format from Jill’s brand new website. 
You can also get it signed at her book-signing at the Brandon Township Public Library on February 13, from 7pm until 8pm
xoxo Pam

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