After living in Tatui, in the state of Sao Paolo in Brasil, my family and I are packed up and ready to move back home to Michigan.

This has brought with it many heartfelt good-byes, tears and “of course, I’ll keep in touch.  You have my e-mail, right?”

Sitting down to dinner a couple of nights ago, my husband and I were talking with our son about all of the people and things we would miss about Brasil, as well as all of the things we are looking forward to when we go back home.

The best way to describe the feeling associated with this time in our lives is

Bittersweet: pleasure mingled with pain or regret: the bittersweet of parting.

We have had the pleasure of meeting some truly wonderful people here in Brasil, who have made our time here most enjoyable.

Just to name a few; Egle, Lida, Ana Paula, Marcella, Heather, Eliu, Austin, Evan, Braden, Carson, Christiane, Gyro, Leticia, Enrique, Simone, Roberta, Guillerme, and Penha.

We will never forget the fun we had here.  We will miss all of our friends.

And now on to the next adventure!



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