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Belong (verb) 1. to be the property or possession of 2. to be a member of 3. to be a part of.

My sister and her family just left a little while ago after visiting with us for a whole week. Their visit just seemed to fly by. Although it was admittedly more work to handle the extra people, I would do it again in a heart-beat. We all had a blast together, playing, chatting and joking around with each other.

Blake, Garrett and I did our best to help everyone feel comfortable. We wanted to make sure they all felt like they belonged here. We certainly understand how important it is, having been the outsiders ourselves. :)

It’s such a blessing to feel accepted just for being who you are. To know that you are loved and will bedancing-ladies embraced without criticism or judgment.

And that’s why I picked Belong as the Inspirational word of the week.

During this past week, my sister and I both felt stronger, healthier, and happier because we could feel how we belonged together!

The love we saw in our kids and husbands as they all played together, injected every one of us with a “surge of happiness” that we’ve all been looking forward to.

This was more than just a visit or a vacation.

It was a chance to renew our bonds as a family as we savored the feeling of belonging.

Now that my sister and her family are headed back out onto the road, my son and I spent the afternoon snuggled on the couch, watching Forrest Gump. I felt a renewed sense of belonging with him. No expectations, no pressure, just love and acceptance.

I don’t want to lose this feeling, that’s why I’m sharing it with you, my friendly blog reader.

embraceI hope you’ll take a moment and think about who you belong to. Then go find that person who gives you unconditional love and acceptance and return the favor! Cultivate some love and happiness! :)

If you’re not sure where to find that person, look within yourself. When you look for and recognize love for yourself, that doesn’t make you self-absorbed. That just shows that you’re honoring your gifts. You belong to yourself and your Captain. You’re worthy of unconditional love and affection.  >>>>>>hugs<<<<<<<

“Believe the best in yourself and others will do the same.” Dove chocolate wrapper

I hope you’ve enjoyed this post, my friendly blog reader.

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I’ll be back on Monday with the Inspirational song of the week.



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