Today is Wednesday, which means it’s time for the Inspirational word of the week.

Appropriate: (adjective) suitable or fitting the purpose. Proper.

I called a very dear friend of mine last week, just to chat.

During the course of our conversation, I got to tell her about “the Boat”. As I explained the part about the Mast-head being a reflection of your face, she said “I think I was supposed to talk to you today.

I asked her why and she told me that she had something happen just a couple of days before that was really bothering her. She explained that she had reached out to someone on FaceBook whom she had known 20 years ago. Although there had been issues with this person in the past, being the sweetheart that she is, my wonderful friend figured that after all that time, it would be appropriate to send a friend request.

This person responded with anger and hate, accusing my friend of dragging up old wounds.

My friend was shocked and hurt. “I don’t know how to react.” she said. “I feel like I need to defend myself, because if I don’t then who will?

I took a deep breath and told her the story about the dogs in Brasil and how I learned from passing these dogs everyday was that just because they barked, didn’t mean I needed to take it personally. Their reaction really didn’t have anything to do with me.

My friend was so happy to hear this!

She e-mailed me later and wrote “Do you remember the emotional issue we spoke of last week and you helped me with?  Well, it tore me up for a few days.  After we spoke I seemed to be much more at ease and that I made the right decision to just let it be.  I am finding that with all of our every day blessings, friendships, laughter, love, excitement, and whatever else positive in my life I have easily been able to put that aside and let it just be a blip on my big screen shot of a day.”

reach for the sky

My dear friend was able to see her situation in a different light because I’d found the appropriate stories! I couldn’t be happier!!!!

And then came Monday night.

My darling husband invited me along to a business dinner that included one of the men he works with who brought his lovely wife, and three gentleman from a different company. One of these men I’ve met before, and we get along really well. He and I could sit and chat for hours(in fact, we have)! But this particular evening, there were other people at the table.

Just after we all sat down, this lovely gentleman asked me “So how was homeschooling in Brasil?”

So I told him. But I ended up talking for way longer than I should have.

Then he asked me about what I’ve been up to since we got back.

And once again, my mouth started running. I talked about the BB&E farmers market, where I do massage and sell my Tibetan prayer flags, and art.

I could tell at this point that I had over-extended the attention of the other people at the table, so I politely switched the conversation over to the lovely lady sitting next to me.

Later, after everyone had said their good-bye’s, I asked my darling husband “So, was I okay tonight?” To which he very tactfully replied, “You talked a little too long in the beginning, but you eased up as the night progressed.”

My feelings were hurt, to be sure. :( I hadn’t meant to be a conversation hog. I was trying to be charming.

However, now that I look back at this, my friendly blog reader, I’m embarrassed by my behavior, and pray everyone thought I was just overly enthusiastic and not a complete bore. (boringI’ve since apologized to my darling husband, who, thankfully, is a very kind and understanding man).

After an appropriate amount of sulking, (a little less than 24 hours) and a chat with an understanding girlfriend,  I decided to chalk it up to experience and move on.

I can’t always be appropriate. I’m going to make mistakes. The best I can hope for is to find the lesson and learn from it.

And the lessons are just yet starting about grace and finesse

I hope you have a great week, my friendly blog reader.



p.s. I’m still working on that “thing” I alluded to last week. It’s coming along beautifully!!

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