An opportunity is a challenge met.

Life doesn’t always go the way you planned.

It’s during the times of uncertainty when you find out what kind of a person you are going to be.

Transformation takes time.

As I mentioned in yesterdays post, I’ve finished reading Malcolm Gladwell’s Outliers. I would recommend it for anyone looking to cultivate patience and dedication.

Because I’ve been reading it on my Kindle, I can’t exactly describe the page number it’s on.  (it’s complicated) but I found this part that, once I paraphrased it, made a lot of sense.

“What’s necessary for success is our sense of possibility, which comes from the opportunities presented to us during our time in history.”

The opportunities presented to us, could also be called the challenges.

I don’t speak for everyone, but I know I’ve been trying to figure out for years what exactly it is I’m supposed to be doing with all of my abundant energy.  These past 5 years, I have been trying to actively pursue patience and develop myself into whomever it is that I’m supposed to be.

Like I’m not already me.  Like I’m not already everything I’m supposed to be.  Like there is some challenge I have yet to meet in order to prove myself worthy of living this life.  Like I’m supposed to be doing something other than what I’m already doing.

Which is a lot.

Too much sometimes.

My current challenge is balancing what I want to do with what needs to be done and not get burned out in the process.

A tall order, I know.

It’s going to take determination, grace, alacrity and resilience.

I have to focus on cultivating the kind of life I want and  recognize the many blessings I have been offered.

And not take myself so f#@%ing seriously!!!!  Oy!!! (I need pie!)

I hope each and every one of you has an absolutely MARVELOUS Thanksgiving!!!!!!!

I’ll be back on Monday.  For now, I’m going to go hang out with my husband.



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