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To be completely honest, I stopped watching regular main-stream news the week after 9/11/2001. I could feel the suck and pull of my emotions being dragged through the drama, and I decided to take my future into my own hands and pull the plug.
To say the least, I am infinitely happier now because of that decision.

That does not mean I don’t watch any news. It means I choose what I allow into my perspective.

I do not allow the solutions and visions of our opportunities to be pushed aside by the drama, problems and details of the challenges of today.

I decide what to pay attention to without fear or judgment.  I choose wisely and am not alone.  When I envision, expect and choose great things, I will identify, pursue and experience great things.

I keep my options open and acknowledge emotional clutter and unrealistic expectations.

I look for the opportunity within the challenge.  That’s where the juiciest parts of life come from anyway.

I just came across this fresh piece of journalism and decided that it’s educational value is imperative to fixing what is stagnant in our country.

For sure it will inspire debate.  I’m sure it will inspire something.

Please let me know what it inspires in you.

The Harrison reality checks

Tchau for now,


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