5 Steps to Spaciousness, Ease & Prosperity by Molly Gordon

Molly GordonI was lucky enough to have found Molly Gordon’s Shaboom Inc. website and sign up for her e-mail updates quite a while ago.  (She’s wonderful at helping new entrepreneurs find their way, not to mention super-easy to understand.)

This past week brought a fantastic post, and I really think you’ll enjoy it too. Even if you’re not trying to build a business, her advice is useful in developing yourself as well.

After all, who wouldn’t want more spaciousness, ease and prosperity?!  Right?!

From Molly Gordon……

  1. Aspire more! This isn’t about goal setting. It’s about letting your heart soar toward what you want to create and who you want to be. Let this be the year when you are who you always wanted to be.
  2. Make more mistakes! Mistakes go with the territory. They are evidence that you’ve left your comfort zone. They show you are human. They help you keep it real. Two corollaries to making more mistakes are to acknowledge errors (early and often) and be 100% responsible. Watch the video because responsibility is not about burdening yourself!
  3. Take baby steps! Giant steps wear us out. They give us vertigo. Devour precious resources. They are disorienting and expensive. They trigger impostor syndrome. (Other than that, I have no problem with them.) Take teeny tiny steps in service of your great aspirations.
  4. Forgive everyone! What you are forgiving is, by definition, in the past, and who can know what the real ramifications of the past are for the future? Might as well let go of our stories of hurt and unfairness. And while you’re forgiving everyone (don’t forget yourself!), listen compassionately to any envy or resentment you may experience. They can reconnect your with your true aspirations. (Really.)
  5. Speak up! Your just-right clients want you, the real you, just the way you are. Let them hear you. Help them find you. Then speak up about what you have to offer and how it will help. Don’t stop at marketing; up the ante and start selling. (Yes. I said the S word.) It’s all about speaking your message loud and clear.

Go check out Molly’s website over at ShaboomInc.com for more inspiration, guidance and wisdom.

xoxo Pam

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