Time to support our community

Today is Wednesday, which means it’s time for the Inspirational word of the day.

Except, I don’t have one.

Honestly, I’ve been working on a short speech I’m going to be giving tomorrow at our Main Street Association meeting in Pontiac, MI.  I didn’t know about it until yesterday afternoon and have been working furiously to make sure that I say what it is that I mean, while not saying too much.

I thought I had it done yesterday.  Unfortunately, when my friend Molly, the Executive Director, read it, she said that it needed to be more along the lines of the effect the Main Street Association has had upon Ortonville, not so much about the events.

I came home this afternoon and started typing away.  I actually started fresh and wrote something very different from what I had written yesterday.

I’ve spent hours trying to get this right.

I even lost an entire page!  (AAAACCCKKK)

I took that as a hint from the Universe that I needed to simplify.

I’m exhausted.

I haven’t left myself any time to write my post for today.  Although I have been writing for well over 4 hours, all I have is this:

Thanks to the strong framework of the Main Street Association, our committees are busy, our events are being arranged and people of Ortonville have something to look forward to.

Like CreekFest, which is coming up June 5th and going into it’s 7th season. Every year it draws more than 800 people with its educational activities, kids crafts, a bird show, native plants and lots of other fun stuff to do. It’s our communities unique way to celebrate our natural resource, Kearsley Creek.

Our BB&E Farmers market in Crossman park is going into it’s 5th season. It runs thru the summer and last year it averaged 200 people per night with anywhere from 8 to 15 vendors every week. These vendors are all local residents who are finding new ways to make some money. All of the people who come in to the event know they’re helping out by supporting their friend  and neighbors.  Thanks to our design committee, we’ll be putting up a pavilion in the park this year!

It’s thru our events that we are best able to support our community, as well as each other. Our committees bring out the best in our volunteers by giving us a common goal, a chance to show case our talents and the structure to really make things happen.  It’s a way to feel like we’re making a real difference.

We become the stimulus we need when we speak well and often of the people, opportunities and events within our community.

Thanks to the Main Street Association for giving us all a chance to work together for the greater good.

I’m beat.

Fortunately, I get to do this with my girlfriends, Molly, Debbie and Dara.

Knowing that makes me able to get some sleep tonight.

I’ll post something tomorrow afternoon to let you know how it goes.

xoxoxoxo Pam

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