Something to look forward to

So I didn’t have to give that speech after all!


When I talked with Molly this morning, she told me that she had received an e-mail telling her that she only had a minute to a minute and a half to talk.

There wouldn’t be time for me!

I was really scared and overwhelmed at the thought of getting up in front of more than 50 people, television cameras and our County Executive L. Brooks Patterson to give a speech.  Even though it was about something very near and dear to my heart, I think I work better in small groups,without television cameras. ;)

Molly was Phenomenal!!!! She spoke well, without rushing or stumbling, her timing was perfect and her smile lit up the whole room!  She was Marvelous!!! :) :) :)

The Rally had a ” 10″ theme to go with the 10 years of Main Street in Oakland County. (click that link to go to their website for a complete explanation.)

All of the DDA Executive Directors were wearing a football jersey from their district with a 10 on it.

There was a slide show that showed the 10th element on the periodic table was Neon (which can be found in some downtown communities).

Of course there was a slide with  Bo Derek.100124.jpg

And then there were the 10 commandments of Main Street.

Although I don’t remember them all, I do remember a few.

The first one was “Thou shalt not park in front of your own store”

Then “Thou shalt not covet Rochesters Promotions budget” (which is over $1 million  WoW!!)

And then number 5 was our favorite “Thou shalt not underestimate Ortonville, for they are small and mighty!”

Super special shout out to Debbie, Dara and Molly!  Thanks for making this the most fun I can have! xoxo :)

I ended up re-writing what I had written again this morning before I talked to Molly.

I hope you like it.

We really appreciate having the support of  our Main Street Association so we can focus on the vision of what we have to look forward to in Ortonville.  Like CreekFest, the BB&E farmers market, the new pavilion going up in Crossman Park , as well as the new store front on Glass with Class Bead store,  Main Street gives us the chance to do fulfilling work with wonderful people and feel supported by each other.  I think that’s what real community is all about.”

Thanks for reading along, my friendly blog reader.  xoxoxo  I hope you are enjoying the story of my volunteer adventures.  Please feel free to share some of your stories in the comments.  I’d love to read them!

As you go off into your weekend remember to Be Excellent to each other!

xoxoxo Pam

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