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Jill Stodola

Author Jill Stodola

My lady friend, Jill Stodola and I went to the Happy Hour at the Flint Institute of Arts last night. We went in the hopes to practice talking about our books and get some XP points.

We were pleasantly surprised to find the Mott College Jazz Ensemble playing. The lovely lady at the bar told Jill that if we wanted to get up and perform, all we had to do was talk to Frank, the leader of the band. Well, the band was doing such a fine job that it was hard to figure out when to jump in. Neither one of us wanted to screw up their timing and well, it was scary!!! We sat and enjoyed listening to them perform. I especially enjoyed their Gershwin tunes.

Fortunately, Frank and the band took a few minutes for a break and that’s when we made our move.

Frank & the Mott College Jazz Ensemble

Frank & the Mott College Jazz Ensemble

Jill approached Frank and told him what we wanted to do. He was very gracious and got up to introduce us. Jill went first and talked about her book, Cadavers & Cocktails. I followed behind, starting with my poem, Joy in my heels. I think that went pretty well because a couple of people actually did laugh when I wiggled my eyebrows and said “I double dare you to be sassy!!” :) Then I talked for a couple of minutes about You’re the Boat and then finished by talking about this website. (If anyone from last night is reading, Thanks for stopping in! *waves Hi* )

This morning, I went on Youtube and found this video, a sample of some of Gershwin’s best songs.

I hope you enjoy it!

Have a wonderful weekend, my friendly blog reader!!

xoxo Pam

p.s. Tonight is the Talent Show at the BB&E farmers market at Crossman Park in Ortonville. Our market manager, Debbie won’t be there tonight, so I’ll be running the market. I may even get behind the mic again! ¬†You can too, if you have something you’d like to perform. Don’t worry about making dinner because the Edna Burton Senior Center will be putting on a fried chicken dinner for only $6. Come on out and say Hi!!

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3 comments on “Performing at the FIA
  1. Jill says:

    Pam, thanks for adding my photo to your blog!
    We had such a lovely evening and we DID gain XP Points!
    Nice choice of the Gershwin music.
    Looking forward to creating many more XP Point events with you!

  2. It was absolutely my pleasure, Jill! Looking forward to doing it again!! xoxo

  3. Pam, somehow I missed this. Thank you for featuring yours truly in your blog. What a fun filled evening dotted with XP points!
    You did very well.
    Good choice of Gershwin music.

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