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gail-dodds-enjoy-the-process-contest-winnerThis Friday night is the fourth annual Enjoy the process coloring contest to go along with the Kids night theme at the Beets, Beats & Eats farmers market in Ortonville.  WooHoo! :)

The idea is simple.

Simply fill in this shape………2012-enjoy-the-process-drawing-contest

with anything you want! click here to download it. [download id=”6508″]

You could use pen, pencil, paints or pastels…or glitter, grass, hair, feathers, rocks, shells, fabric or anything you can possibly imagine. As long as you stay within the lines, you can use absolutely ANYTHING!!

The most important part is to enjoy the process of making it!!

Bring your creation into the park this Friday night with a dollar ($1) and give them both to me.  I’ll collect all the dollars and put all the art up on the display boards.


2011 adult winner


2011 kid winner

Everyone in the park is invited to vote for their favorite piece. Whichever piece gets the most votes, wins all of the dollars!

How cool is that, right?!!

If you’re in the SouthEast Michigan area, please stop in, bring your creation and say Hi this Friday night! I’d LOVE to see whatever you create!

xoxo Pam

p.s. So, what would you use? What’s your favorite medium? What do you see in this shape? Would you leave it right side up or turn it upside down?

2012 coloring contest

2012 coloring contest

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