Back from OKC

It’s great to be back home! Debbie drove us all home from the airport last night. We finally arrived at my house just before midnight. As I entered the house, Tootsie greeted me doing her full body wag!  After I dropped off my bags, I had to go get Garrett from my neighbors couch and bring him home. (Super Huge thanks to my neighbors Dawn, Matt, Lesie and Cameron for watching him while I was gone!!!!!!) I had been missing him so much while I was in OKC, it was a relief to see his sweet face. :)  Unfortunately, he’s grown so big, I couldn’t just pick him up and carry him without hurting one of us, so we stumbled across the lawn to the house, with Tootsie bouncing at our heels.

After I got him to bed, I pulled out all of the papers, notes and business cards I collected over the past 5 days. Although it is the big sloppy pile I was worried about, I know that buried within it are the ideas and inspirations that will help me and my friends to continue building Ortonville into “The Small town you’ve been looking for”, or maybe “There’s something to look forward to in Ortonville”.  (I don’t know which one we’ll use for promotion, but they were both inspired by the conference). My friends and I are looking forward to putting our piles together into one and then distilling it down into a comprehensive summary of great ideas.


Because, today we must rest!

One of the most important things I learned at the conference is to make sure that I (and my friends) don’t get burned out. Burn out never helps anyone and can actually do more damage than not doing anything.

So for now, I’ll rest and spend some good quality time with Garrett as we take a walk around the lake with Tootsie this afternoon.

To all of the people I met at the conference, Hi and Thanks for stopping by! Please feel free to surf thru the website, check out my art work and let me know if and when you’re interested in working with me in the future!

And to you, my friendly blog reader, thanks for hanging out and sharing in my adventures. I truly appreciate knowing you’re there and I look forward to reading your comments!



p.s. I’ll be back on Monday with the Inspirational song of the week.

p.p.s.  We had a marvelous time visiting with my Aunt Nancy, touring around OKC. We even got to visit the Memorial. It was truly Fantastic!

p.p.s.s. Debbie, Molly and I all got along well and do still love and respect one another!  Thanks again Ladies!!

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