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Pam @ the Paul McCartney concert in Detroit 2012

“Pam is like a ray of sunshine after a day long rain; always welcomed and inspiring.” Molly Barratt-McCartney

“Pam may be small but her spirit and inspiration can fuel the flame in all of us. The ‘Boat’ is a tool we carry without weight. Her analogy can help us navigate our way through our personal lives, as well as business and community. With Pam’s energy and our own desire for enlightenment, we can find our course and move forward toward a life worth looking forward to. Everyone can be helped with this analogy.” Mary Kalocsay


Mary Jane Mapes

“I am confident that you will be successful. You have the energy/passion and determination to make it- not to mention that you have “IT” -that factor that allows one to stand out from the crowd. I wish you only the very best of everything on your journey to becoming a highly sought and paid speaker.” Mary Jane Mapes

“Listening to Pam’s presentation really makes you take another look at your life and how we respond to the things around us.  All of her information has been useful in day to day living.  She has great passion for what she does and is an excellent source of information.” Kris MacQueen

“I had the pleasure of attending a ‘You’re the Boat’ presentation and walked away with another vehicle to help me understand me. With so many tools available today, Pam’s insights and explanations are easy to comprehend, make sense and sent me home with a confidence that I can navigate through my sea of life and find peace, serenity, joy, love and laughter. I highly recommend this seminar to everyone.” Madonna Van Fossen


Christine & Pam

“Thank you for being that light at the end of the tunnel, for listening, caring, loving and inspiring.  You are amazing!!  Your boundless energy and joy in helping others is contagious…. Keep it flowing honey ( get it ;)  Having that heart of yours is truly a blessing and I am so blessed to have you!!!! Love you!!!” Christine Gade

“Have you ever met someone who feels like home?  Known instantly this person has an energy you need in your life and know that s/he will have an impact, changing your life forever?  My friend Pam is exactly this person. When my life is in flux, and I’m unsure which choice is best, I phone, text or reach out to Pam.  Her words are always a comfort and a guide.  She never tells me what to do or how to do it, rather she shares her experience, love and true friendship.  Pam is not just an ear to listen but a muse to guide.  I love and trust Pam’s honesty beyond most. And when my life is on track going just the way I’ve planned, or I’ve heard a great song on the radio, I phone, text or reach out to share my joy with Pam, as I know she truly shares my joy.  Pam is blessed with the ability to give without the expectation of a return.  Such a woman is a rare gift and a blessing.  I am thankful to have her in my life.” Tina Hurst

“[Pam’s speech] was very well organized and leads to opening our mind to think differently.” Mark & Linda Cassells

“…an inspiring attitude adjustment, a boost of positive energy. You helped us to focus on what matters in life instead of our insecurities.” Renee’ Cannon

“Pam puts forth a very strong message in a way that you not only are able to understand, but also urges you to implement the parts that you need.” Marlene & Chuck Tiedelman

“Gentle inspiration. A simple reminder to keep focus on what we hold important while we sail our life’s rough waters.” Cinda Steenson

“When your in a dark place you will find that very few people will dare venture in that place with you. They’re afraid you might pull them in as well. Then someone very strong and self assured arrives. Someone like Pam Belding. She throws you a life preserver, and pulls you back into the light. We talked, we cried, we connected. And I didn’t ask for her help. She sensed I was in need and came into my personal darkness. She was my candle. Guiding me, steadying me so that I could realize my dreams and overcome my fears. All of this in the midst of her hectic life. I connected with another long, lost friend, Cary Lindsey. A geologist, working on renewable energy for our troubled planet. She went crazy for Pam’s blog, noting her seemingly unlimited amount of personal energy. I’m plantin’ seeds people! Pamela has been a blessing to me. I thank God for her. I’ve realized that I need to focus on improving myself, and not be so negative about my troubled past. It’s never too late to start over, and rise.” Scott Valdez

“Pam is a very gracious, personable speaker.” Paul & Janet Garland

Melissa, Pam & Lisa

Melissa, Pam & Lisa

Pam creates a safe space for getting unstuck and moving closer to my dreams. Her “Do You Know What You Need?” program opened my eyes to a new way of looking at how I take care of myself – or in my case, how I wasn’t taking care of myself in two crucial ways! 

As a performing artist, it’s important that I keep myself mentally, physically, and emotionally ready for whatever comes my way. Pam showed me (with love, of course), how I was “missing the boat” with my health and well-being. In just two hours, I came away with a new perspective, and specific tools to make a major course correction in my life and work. Without Pam’s insights, it may have been years before I saw how I was neglecting my own needs – and ignoring my dreams in the process. Now, I’m ready to sail the high seas regardless of the storms that life may throw at me!Lisa Robbin Young From the “Do you know what you need?” class in December 2013.
Thanks again to Lisa, Melissa, Katy and Patricia for attending this event! Your energy and enthusiasm made the whole night worthwhile!  xoxo Pam

3 comments on “Testimonials
  1. Linda Cassells says:

    Just enjoying learning about Pam.

  2. Thanks for stopping in Linda! :)

  3. Melissa Reyes says:

    I attended Pam’s “Do You Know What You Need?” Event and was SUCH a great class… Really got me thinking about my daily 5 requirements to have a good day and gave me clarity. She has a tendency to ease the soul and let’s you know that everything is going to be ok… Excited to attend another event she has to offer! :)

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