What’s your idea of paradise?

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It made my heart swell with love when I read this on Pinterest the other day. After having watched the story behind these two in Walk the Line, I can understand how the simple things, like having coffee, can be so meaningful. It’s having gone through tough times that really make you appreciate the good stuff.

We get so caught up in our dreams and schemes for the future that sometimes we forget to stop and appreciate the blessings right in front of us. Fox sniffing dandelion

So let’s try something.

Instead of rushing through today in the hopes of bringing the holiday closer, let’s look around at all the blessings in our daily lives.  Let’s see how truly lucky we are!

For example, this morning as I sit here writing this daily post, I get to hear birds singing through my open window. Simply beautiful.  :)

My pink fuzzy bathrobe feels soft against my skin and the coffee in my cup is not only hot and delicious, but the cup reminds me of the time we went to the Hard Rock Cafe in Buenos Aires. Good times. :)

My husband and son haven’t gotten up for the day yet, but they’ll both be home tonight so we can all have dinner together.

I have been blessed.

So, what about you, my friendly blog reader?

What blessings do you have right now, that remind you how lucky you are?  

I would LOVE to read them in the comments below. :)

xoxo Pam

p.s. When I got home Sunday afternoon from being at CreekFest all weekend, the kitchen which I had left a mess was completely cleaned! Dishes were done AND the dishwasher was running, the counters were cleaned off and the floors had been cleaned. I found Darling Husband and Wonderful Son outside working on building the paver sidewalk. I thanked them both with a hug and kiss and then took Tootsie for a walk around the lake. Yes, I’m a very, very lucky lady, indeed! :)

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