Spandy Andy

I saw this on FaceBook the other day and just had to share it here!

This guy has some fantastic moves!!

His name is “Spandy” Andy Rimer, a Canadian who travels around the world entertaining people and spreading his message to……

“Appreciate the fact that you are alive and use your energy to spread positivity!” 

I sure do, Andy!  Spandy_Andy_BehindStage_Poster-175

And I’m so glad he does too! He makes the world a better place by giving people a chance to laugh and smile.

Keep it tight and bright, Andy!!!

xoxo Pam



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2 comments on “Spandy Andy
  1. Jill says:

    Too funny! He’ll get you dancin’ in your animal print pants!

  2. Tee Hee!! So glad you liked it! xoxo

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