Recognizing Earth angels…



I didn’t see them were wearing wings or halo’s, but I sure felt them. :)

When Garrett and I got stuck in a ditch going across the street leading out of my neighborhood the other day, my husband and neighbors, Jim and Ralf, all jumped in to get me unstuck within a matter of minutes.

I was driving Garrett to Karate last Thursday afternoon when I saw the ditch going across the road. I slowed down to drive across it, but ¬†unfortunately I didn’t realize how deep and wide it was and promptly ended up with my front wheels stuck in the up to my fender. Although Garrett and I got out and tried to push it, the walls of the ditch were completely soaked and softened by the torrential rains we’ve been having over the past couple of weeks. The wheels just spun, sinking the front of the car in lower at every attempt.

I called darling husband who was 5 minutes away. So with Blake on his way, Garrett and I sat to wait for him, but then Ralf drove by on his way home and offered to bring out his 4-wheeler and pull us out. After he left to go get it, Jim comes up from behind with his Ford Ranger pick up and told me he could pull me out in just a second. He hooked up a really thick strap to my tow hitch and just as Blake and Ralf arrived, pulled my car out.

Thanks to Jim, Ralf and Blake, we were able to make it to karate on time.

It reminds me of the time my car broke down on the side of Highway 101 in San Luis Obispo, California. One of my previous work buddies saw me while he was driving on the other side and turned around to pick me up and get me to a phone. (I hadn’t talked to this guy in over a year and we weren’t very close to begin with. I was shocked to see him.)¬†

Actually, there are a lot of times when I’ve been stuck and had people come to my rescue.¬†kindness wins

I believe God works his miracles through people. Earth Angels walking through life, just doing their thing until they see someone who’s stuck or in need of help. Then the Divine shows up and works through them. Whether they even realize Spirit is moving them doesn’t matter. What does matter is the Grace of their assistance, the benevolent help they offer.

Have you ever been an Earth Angel, my friendly blog reader?

Could you be?

Have you ever been rescued by an Earth Angel? 

I’d LOVE to read your story in the comments below.

xoxo Pam

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2 comments on “Recognizing Earth angels…
  1. SO happy you are unstuck! I have been an earth angel many times.
    One time, there was a man that fell to the ground at the local grocery and was unconscious. I had someone stay with him, so he wouldn’t get run over. I ran in & called 911 & told the staff WE needed help. There are the countless number of times I’ve given directions to lost people.That is an earth angel sort of thing, but on a lesser scale. We can all help each other & we feel so happy inside when we can.
    Wishing you my best,

  2. Thanks Jill! I have no doubt you’re an Angel more often than not!

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