I’m lucky to be alive.

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Back in 2004, when I was living with my family in Mexico, I went through a time when I was terribly frustrated and sad. You see, I was stuck with the idea that I couldn’t be happy because most of my lady-friends had left for the summer while my husband worked a stupid amount of time on the job. My wonderful son was 4 years old and I felt lonely, and in desperate need for some grown-up conversation. I also felt tremendously guilty because the house we lived in at the time was glorious, the weather was perfect, and I even had a maid. On the outside, it looked like I had everything, but on the inside I was feeling completely torn apart.

This feeling lasted a few weeks, until one day after Blake and I had been arguing and then ‘made up’ (nudge nudge) on the kitchen counter. Then he went to work and I went for a walk.

That’s when it happened. My philosophy of pink was born. I originally wrote about this back in August of 2009 and it’s this philosophy that I was thinking about just this past weekend as I was talking with Blake.

After all this time, it finally dawned on me that the essential idea, the core message that came through that day was that

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I’m lucky to be alive. After all the crazy stuff that I’ve been through, all the times I could have been killed or maimed, I’m here in good health and in one piece. I wasn’t always careful, and I didn’t always make smart decisions. I look back now and realize that I have been very lucky. The color pink has become a reminder that my time here is a gift and I get to choose how I spend my time. Sure, I CAN be miserable, lonely, guilty and frustrated, but what kind of a life do I want to live? What kind of life do I want for my self and my family? My happiness is up to me, and I have the responsibility to make it happen. I have to make time to do fun things. I have to reach out to my people and laugh with them. I have to make a habit of looking for the stuff in life that gives me joy and satisfaction. God may have given me this gift of life, but it’s up to me to appreciate it.

enjoy the processI’m not saying life is always easy or fun. I’m not saying bad stuff doesn’t happen. But by doing my best to enjoy the process of living each and every day, I can create a life worth looking forward to.

Still to this day the color pink reminds me that my life is my gift. It’s up to me to choose how I unwrap it.

So what do you think, my friendly blog reader?

Are you feeling lucky to be alive?

What color reminds you that life is a gift?

I would love to read your respectful thoughts in the comments below.

xoxo Pam

p.s. If you’re struggling to find the gifts in your life, I can help.

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