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The wish for healing...I was in the grocery store the other night when I came across a neighbor friend of mine. He asked if he could pick  my brain for a minute about doing massage. He’s starting to get into giving massage and needed some advice. I told him although I’ve stopped giving massage, I still totally believe in it’s healing benefits. Then he asked me what kind of oil to use. I recommended something I learned from my yoga instructor. She had us use purified sesame oil to do a hand massage one night and it felt marvelous. It had a very light smell and it didn’t leave my hands feeling greasy at all. I picked some up at Whole Foods and then purified it myself at home. I just put it into a saucepan, heated it up to 250 degrees, let it cool and then poured it back into the bottle. I still use it on my hands, arms and legs.

Then my neighbor asked about essential oils. I told him that I use essential oils on a regular basis and I absolutely love them. 

Progessence plusSpecifically the Progessence Plus oil from Young Living. I use two drops twice a day to help with mental clarity and hormone balance. For years, every month I would get a migraine headache that lasted up to four days. Terrible!! I’ve got stuff to do besides lay down in a dark room with a pounding headache! When I started using the Progessence Plus oil, within a week I started to notice a difference. My head felt clearer and when my monthly cycle started, instead of a migraine headache, I had a slight tension headache that lasted less than a day. I’ve been using it ever since.

Young living oilsNow I use a bunch of them daily. The lemon because of it’s cleansing properties (this one I put a couple of drops into a glass of water and drink it), the lavender for relaxation, and Valor for calm and clarity. Like the Progessence Plus, I put the lavender and valor directly onto my wrists or sometimes behind my ears. I carry them with me and share them with my friends when the opportunity arises.

If you’ve heard other people talking about essential oils and you were curious if their claims are true, although I can’t promise results for you, I can testify that they work for me. They smell nice, but not overly strong. In fact, the ones that I use don’t smell after 5 minutes because they’ve completely absorbed into the skin. There’s nothing in them but oil, so there’s no residue. The best part is that the essential oils work without any side-effects. Although they’re not cheap, (a bottle of Progessence Plus was $65 to my door), that bottle lasts me a couple of months and it works! Compared to pharmaceuticals that are expensive, have terrible side-effects and a lot of times don’t work, the essential oils have been a fantastic discovery for me.


Although this post has been a little different, I thought that you, my friendly blog reader, would be interested to hear about my experience with essential oils. They’ve had a lasting, positive influence on my life.

What do you think? Have you used essential oils?

I’d love to read about it in the comments below.

Have a wonderful day!

xoxo Pam

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