Double Rainbow

In the comments for this video on YouTube, someone said he wanted to meet this guy and share an experience like this with him.

The guy who shot the video ‘HungryBear 9562’, responded beautifully with this…

Yosemitebear Vasquez photo credit Google

Yosemitebear Vasquez photo credit Google

“Wanting can not be filled, do not want because when you get what you want, the wanting remains. Appreciate what is, do not resent what is not, enjoy what you have. You can never have an experience like this until you stop wanting it. I did not want this, it came to me because I an a vessel of Spirit a servant for my fellow man. Open yourself to the possibility of what is and the Universe will fill it. Then something like this can happen. I do host people here but you can’t want it, just do it.”

Open yourself to the possibility of what is and have faith that the Universe will fill that space with someone, some thing or some opportunity that will knock your socks off!

Staying open to the flow…

xoxo Pam

p.s. Charlie Gilkey wrote a post about ‘Emptying your Boat’ which goes along perfectly with this. (You know how I love the boat analogies!)

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