“When you choose your happiness…”

“When you choose your happiness, you become infinitely more productive, useful and magnetic to those around you. You enable yourself to truly be of service.”¬†Danielle LaPorte

Danielle LaPorte

One of my s-hero’s, Danielle LaPorte helps people let go of playing small in order to let your spirit fly.

Truth is, being happy sets you free.

You can find her here…http://www.daniellelaporte.com

Have a wonderful day!

xoxo Pam

In response to the stormy seas of life, my husband Blake and I have created this website to be a Current of Inspiration, a wave of love and joy to wash away hate and fear. By posting every week, it's our commitment to making our world a better place. We hope you find it uplifting and will share it with your friends! Thanks for stopping by! xoxo

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