Self-mastery begins with self-awareness.

*This card is from the Fifth Agreement deck by Don Miguel Ruiz & Don Jose Ruiz.*

Here’s the message on the back…

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“With awareness I know that I can change my virtual world by changing what I believe. What is real I cannot change, and it doesn’t matter what I believe.”

The stories we tell ourselves can seem like the truth. The thoughts running through our head seem perfectly logical and rational until we bump up against someone who doesn’t think like we do, or we discover a situation not exactly as we think it should be.

Our beliefs convince us the other person or the situation is wrong so we point out how deluded they must be because their point of view is so completely different from our own. They must be bad, ignorant, evil or just plain stupid to believe what they believe.

It all comes down to fear

We put ourselves above that person or situation out of fear. It’s fear that turns us away from people and things we don’t understand. It shortens our perspective to a fraction of the truth. The truth is, everybody believes they have a good reason for doing what they do and believing what they believe. The difference between good and evil is whether or not they’re trying to force their beliefs on someone else.


It’s hard enough to change our own thoughts and beliefs. Trying to change someone else’s is darn near impossible. The best place to focus your attention is the reason behind your actions because that’s the key to self-mastery.

Ask yourself “Why am I doing this?”, “Will this help or hurt me or anyone else?”, “Where do I want this to take me?” “Does this need to be said or am I just trying to make myself look better?”

Remember, your mind is not who you are. Like the operating system of a computer, it’s simply a tool you’re using to experience your life. Those thoughts going through your head are not necessarily the truth. They’re simply the product of your perspective. Nothing more and nothing less.

The truth is…

Controlling your attention is a challenge, especially you start to become aware of your own short-comings. Fear separates and fragments, basically, it’s main function is to shrink and destroy. When you focus your attention on judging others, it’s fear that pulls you away from sharing your gifts with the world. Honing your talents and skills takes tremendous focus and self-mastery. Sharing your gifts is difficult because not everyone is kind and understanding. Don’t take it personally when someone finds fault with what you say or do. Are they trying to be helpful? Can you learn from their criticism? If not, ignore it and focus on the reason behind your actions while polishing away anything getting in your way.

Do your best and practice staying open to the flow. Be gentle with yourself and try to be understanding when people and situations don’t meet your expectations. Most importantly, don’t take any of it personally.

The only thing you truly have any control over is your own attitude.

So, what gifts are you sharing with the world,  my friendly blog reader?

I’d love to read about them in the comments below.

xoxo Pam

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