Not everyone wants to be like you.

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Of course, you’re awesome.

You’re attractive, funny and kind to animals.

You’ve worked hard, put in the hours and paid your dues.

You’ve learned a lot from the challenges in your life.

And despite the fact that some of those lessons you’ve learned could be useful to people you see who are going through the same challenges, they might not be ready to hear it.

Just like you, they need to do the necessary work of struggling, striving and failing to develop their own backbone.

Hopefully, they’ll learn something new and exciting.

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Perhaps, they’ll find a a completely different perspective that allows them to change their world.

And just maybe, they’ll learn that asking for help is a sign of strength.

But until they do, don’t let your ego convince you that you know better than they do.

Not everyone wants to be like you.

And that’s okay.

Just keep being awesome, and one day when and if they do finally ask for your help, graciously offer it with a smile.

xoxo Pam

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2 comments on “Not everyone wants to be like you.
  1. Julie says:

    Love that Pam. I’ve recently come to that conclusion too. It helps me to keep my mouth shut when I’m talking with my adult children. I do not know what they are here to learn and how a particular experience will shape them, but I do know that I love to watch their growth.

  2. Fantastic! Thanks for leaving a comment, Julie! I look forward to hearing from you again. :) xoxo

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