“Do you know what you need?” class

Happiness is the consequence of...Last Thursday night I got an opportunity to put on my very first “Do you know what you need?” class! Despite the dark, cold and snow, the event felt festive because the Old Town Hall was decorated for Christmas, with 2 Christmas tress, lights and garland over the stage.  I even brought some of my hand-made peanut brittle and English toffee to share.

The class itself went really, really well! Everyone seemed to like the worksheets, as well as the candy!  We covered the 9 basic human needs, as well as the three main ways we fortify ourselves, including collecting provisions, having fun and getting rest.

Thanks to my friends, I’ve been blessed to have received photos and 2 testimonials already, so here they are…

Melissa, Pam & Lisa

Melissa, Pam & Lisa

From Lisa Robbin Young…..

Pam creates a safe space for getting unstuck and moving closer to my dreams. Her “Do You Know What You Need?” program opened my eyes to a new way of looking at how I take care of myself – or in my case, how I wasn’t taking care of myself in two crucial ways! 
As a performing artist, it’s important that I keep myself mentally, physically, and emotionally ready for whatever comes my way. Pam showed me (with love, of course), how I was “missing the boat” with my health and well-being. In just two hours, I came away with a new perspective, and specific tools to make a major course correction in my life and work. Without Pam’s insights, it may have been years before I saw how I was neglecting my own needs – and ignoring my dreams in the process. Now, I’m ready to sail the high seas regardless of the storms that life may throw at me!
laughing in needs class
From Melissa Reyes...”I attended Pam’s “Do You Know What You Need?” Event and was SUCH a great class… Really got me thinking about my daily 5 requirements to have a good day and gave me clarity. She has a tendency to ease the soul and let’s you know that everything is going to be ok… Excited to attend another event she has to offer!” :)
My favorite part of class was the student participation and all of their stories. All of the attendees brought curiosity and genuine enthusiasm that night. I am still feeling blessed and lucky to have had such wonderful people at this event.
Thanks again to Noah Sexton and Melissa Reyes for taking and sharing pictures.
needs class
 This was the last Current Inspiration event of 2013.
I’ll be doing more classes and events in 2014. For instance, the Write your story workshop is coming up on February 1 at the very same Old Town hall in downtown Ortonville from 10 am until 3pm. If you’re interested in writing a book, but aren’t sure where to start, this is the class for you! The cost is $50 and it includes a workbook, experts to answer your questions and free coffee & donuts.
You can sign up here… [ninja_forms_display_form id=3]
Now, it’s time for me to finish up getting ready for Christmas.
Thanks again to everyone who was a part of the “Do you know what you need” class. I sincerely loved it!
xoxo Pam

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  1. Congrats on your first “Do You Know What You Need” class! Shaping lives one class at a time.

  2. Thanks Jill! We missed you, but knew you were there in spirit! xoxo

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