Defend yourself


An entire sea of water....


So how do you defend yourself?

Everyone should have a way to protect themselves from the toxic energies of other people and situations. Unfortunately, that’s not taught in school. We’re taught to share our toys and be nice. Although we’re told not to bully, we’re not taught how to build healthy boundaries into our lives.cannon

Hell, I didn’t even know I had boundaries until 2010 when lady friend of mine, who had come to a You’re the Boat presentation, asked me “Where are the cannons?”  I was dumbfounded but curious so I went looking on the internet for answers.

yolanda facio

Yolanda Facio

I came across a wonderful lady named Yolanda Facio who wrote the Meanie Manifesto. It’s a practical guide to setting rules, establishing boundaries and taking charge of your life. (It’s free to download when you give your name and e-mail address) Although it won’t make you into a mean person, it will help you recognize the value of having a good day, every day by setting up personal rules that help you assert your will and value your time and energy.

You can defend yourself by being aware of who you are and what you have to offer. Your awareness is your best defense. You know what you’ve done, what you’ve learned and how you got to where you are. Recognizing the lessons you’ve learned fills you up and creates a bridge to who you’re becoming. Find the lessons and feed your soul.

photo credit Dale Hoffman

photo credit Dale Hoffman

Knowing yourself supremely well does not make you arrogant or selfish. (Anyone that tells you you are is trying to manipulate you and your energy i.e. emotional vampires). Your (sincere) people will appreciate you more when you’re honest and clear about what you need. You’ll feel better by letting go of the people and situations that drain you. (Not because it’s easy, but because you’re worth the effort.) Self awareness enables you to feel stronger, calmer and more resilient because instead of depending on someone else’s good graces, you know your own true worth.

Life is about creating yourself.

You’re not living at the mercy of the world.

You’re supposed to be here, sharing your gifts, living your life.  Don’t let the negative Nellie’s drag you down,  stretch yourself toward some fresh circumstances !!! You deserve to live well, laugh often and love much!

I hope this has helped you, my friendly blog reader.

How are you defending yourself these days? 

I’d love to read your thoughts in the comments below.

xoxo Pam

p.s. When you purchase the soft-cover version of You’re the Boat, it comes with a bookmark that has the Boundaries cheat sheet I created with Yolanda’s inspiration. It’s pretty cute. :)


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  1. rush says:

    I just eat lots of garlic. Keeps the vampires away.

  2. Yeah, that helps too. ;) Thanks for stopping in, Don.

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