Be yourself

It’s such a simple idea. Just be yourself.

But how many times do we get nervous talking to someone we really admire and end up saying something dumb and totally blowing the moment.

Yeah, that happened to me this weekend.

I had a chance to talk to Ron Karr, the president of the National Speakers Organization. He was the keynote speaker this Saturday at the NSA Michigan chapter meeting in Ann Arbor. I had just purchased his book and he was signing it for me. I felt like I had to say something (although I really didn’t) so I said “I’ve been writing a couple of books too.” He just smiled and moved on to another part of the conference room.


I felt like a complete idiot. I would have been better off just saying “Thank you, I look forward to reading this.” But my nervous ego got in the way. Ugh.

Later I had a chance to take this picture with him. He, being the consummate professional, just waited and smiled, but I had to open my mouth to explain where the button on the camera was.

It would be really easy to beat myself up , but honestly that’s just another way of focusing on myself. That’s why I felt like an idiot the first time, because I was talking to him about me, instead of honoring him. Duh!

If I really want to move forward and learn from this experience (and I really do), I need to pay attention to the lesson instead of the discomfort. I know I can learn how to speak more effectively by listening to Ron Karr and the other professionals. The pain of feeling like an idiot is just a sign of growth, and growth is whole reason I went to the seminar in the first place.

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During his presentation, Ron said something that really hit home.

He said, “Be in your heart. Your passion will sell your idea.” Of all the great advice he gave that day, this is one of the best parts for me.

You see, I’ve decided to stop playing small and commit to becoming more clear and polished when I speak. In order to honor the people who are interested in my ideas, like You’re the Boat, the Magic Wand handbook and my up-coming Feed your Soul in 7 days, I need to focus on developing my presentations and writing clear and concise speeches. The bad news is that means a brand new set of growing pains to experience. The good news is the inspiration my people need will get to them sooner and with more clarity and passion. Staying in my heart and growing through the pain will help everyone. 

I’ve told you this today, because I’m hoping you can learn from my mistakes. Throwing myself under the bus is only valuable if YOU, my friendly blog reader, get something worthwhile out of it.

So what do you think? Do you have a growing pain that’s trying to teach you something?

I’d love to read about it in the comments below. If you’d rather talk about it in private, I’d be happy to listen.

xoxo Pam

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2 comments on “Be yourself
  1. Love the photo! “Pay attention to the lesson instead of the discomfort.” How true,this happens on a daily basis. The best we can do is learn the XP points (experience) and utilize them in our lives. I liked Ron Karr’s quote, “Be in your heart. Your passion will sell your idea.” Pam, you ARE in your heart every time you share You’re The Boat and your coaching.
    You asked about my growing pains, they are helping me be confident about my life’s passion of helping others through their growth process. With coordinating & facilitating healing groups.
    Stay true to you.

  2. Wonderful, I’m so glad you enjoyed this. Your people are very lucky to have your calming, healing presence. Thanks for sharing your energy here. xooxox

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