Awesome needs an avenue

stepping stonesOf course you’re awesome. 

But have you ever thought about where you share your awesome?

Obviously, not everyone is going to need what you’ve got, but the people who do are looking for you.

How will they find you?

Where do you take your awesome out to play?

Actually, the most important thing to remember is to recognize your awesome, your gift to the world.

Nobody else can be like you.

Nobody else in the world has had the experiences you’ve had.

You’ve learned stuff. You’ve picked up skills.

Your awesome starts to grow when you use those skills and that knowledge to develop yourself.

As you let go of being who you’ve been told you are and stretch toward who you’re going to become, your awesome continues growing .

Sure it’s kind of scary stepping out into the unknown, but you don’t have to know it all right now.

Whether you’re aware of it or not, your awesome keeps right on growing.nurture

Your job is to be patient, open-hearted and hopeful.

Your awesome will find it’s way to work through you.

The sooner you realize you’re the only one who can share your gifts with the world, the sooner you’ll recognize their effects on you.

You’ll start to feel a shift in the way you see yourself.

You’ll realize everything that has happened to you and everyone you’ve met has helped you to learn more about yourself and your place in the world.

You’ll notice different opportunities start popping up to meet new people and try new things.

As you reach out beyond your comfort zone, you’ll start to feel the thrill of sharing your awesome with the world, because that’s where your awesome really likes to play.

When you take a chance to learn something new, whether you fail or succeed, you’re growing your awesome.

Letting go of being right all the time really helps.  Clearing away the relationships that hold you back does too.

Photo credit Dale Hoffman

Photo credit Dale Hoffman

It all comes down to creating space to do what makes you come alive.

That’s the avenue your awesome has been looking for.

Maybe you take gorgeous pictures and share them on FaceBook.

Maybe you have a knack for gardening, and want to exchange plants and ideas at the farmer’s market. 

Or maybe you like to write and inspire people, so you create a website where people can go to feed their souls. :)

So, my friendly blog reader, where do you take your awesome out to play?

I’d love to read about it in the comments below.

xoxo Pam

p.s. I’m taking my awesome out on the road tonight to the Flint Institute of Arts Open Mic Night. My friends Jill Stodola, Lisa Robbin Young and Melissa Reyes will be there too!  Come on out to join us, if you’re in the area!

p.p.s. This Friday night is the Garden Exchange at the BB&E. Bring your plants, garden art & tools to trade with others.  It’s all free!

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2 comments on “Awesome needs an avenue
  1. Awesome needs an avenue, perfect! Show off your awesome every chance you get! Many times you will have to create a place for your awesome to play and mingle with others!
    Can’t wait for our awesome to play at the FIA!
    Remember: Let go and grow.

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