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Originally posted at 5:45am updates made later as noted. 20140513_192003_8028Last night, I had the genuine pleasure to speak to the MS Support group in Rochester, Michigan. The topic was “Adjusting your attitude, you always have a choice.” I used the analogy of You’re the Boat and the stories behind it to illustrate my presentation.
Although I’ll admit to being a bit nervous at first, once started, I sincerely enjoyed myself! Sharing the story of home-schooling our son Garrett and all of the struggles that went along with it, I offered my mistakes as examples of what to avoid in your own life. For example, over-working myself and Garrett created a toxic combination of overwhelm and resentment. In the Boat analogy, I could see how focusing only on my “responsibilities” was sinking my ship, causing me to feel like I was drowning. I realized that my son is a part of my Crew and needs to be spoken to with respect so he can relax and learn. I had to learn to ask for help, which helps create a stronger relationship with my husband and son. In order to feel strong and healthy, we needed to focus on balancing our ship and fortifying ourself with provisions, fun and rest.

Feed your soul meme*Update 8pm 5/14 I also talked about Feed your Soul in 7 days, the next book to come out in the not too distant future. It’s inspired from Filling your Sail on You’re the Boat. “We must take it upon ourselves to make the time and effort to become self-aware.” You can read more about it here… You can learn more about the trip I’m taking for the Hay House Writer’s Workshop, by clicking on the link. Thanks to sponsorship from my Awesome mother-in-law Diana, and my Darling husband Blake’s frequent flyer miles, I’ll be spending the weekend of June 28th & 29th in Denver! :) Color me excited!! And Big Thanks to my friend Charlene @ Brightway Marketing for brightening up my one-sheet! :) You ROCK! XOXO*

Believe in yourself photo credit Dale Hoffman

photo credit Dale Hoffman

There are many stories yet to share because the Boat is a vehicle for self-awareness. It seems the more I look at it, the more I learn about myself which is the very reason I wanted to share it with the world. To give EVERYONE an opportunity to Feed their Soul and adjust their attitude with You’re the Boat.

*Update 5/14 8:30 pm. Of course I’m thinking about all the ideas I didn’t cover. Like the Stretch, Joy in my Heels and You’re the Hose. I’m so eternally grateful for this opportunity to learn, grow and inspire people! It’s so nice to have a song in my soul and the people to share it with. :) *Patience Pam* You can do it all, but you can’t do it all at once. I need to give people (including me) an opportunity to let last night sink in. And if they liked it, then they’ll ask to do the Stretch with me… *Patience And so for now…Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! *

:) These fine people at the MS Support Group in Rochester were a marvelous audience! Enthusiastic and engaged, they were everything I could have hoped forI’m eternally grateful for their grace and kindness. :)
Thanks to Paul and Janet Garland for giving me this opportunity to speak. And thanks again to everyone at the event last night. You’re all a most wonderful and supportive Crew!

xoxo Pam
p.s. Thanks to Les who held the camera and took video. After it’s edited (soon to come), I’ll share it here on the website.

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