No worries

Today is Monday, which means it’s time for the Inspirational song of the week.

Instead of just one song, I put together a soundtrack of  songs to take your mind off of your troubles.

The No Worries Soundtrack

Johnny B. Goode by Chuck Berry

Jailhouse Rock by Elvis Presley

Don’t worry about a thing by Bob Marley

Sweet Emotion by Aerosmith

Think by Aretha Franklin

Don’t worry Be happy by Bobby McFerrin

Hot Rod Lincoln by Commander Cody and his lost planet airmen

BlackBird by the Beatles

Life can get overwhelming.  The best thing we can do (besides turn off the television)  is take a deep breath, focus on the vision of what we want our lives to look like, and put our energy towards that.  “Worry is interest paid on trouble before it’s due”. (Thanks to Tamara’s friend!)

How do you get past your worries, my friendly blog reader? What do you do to keep yourself calm and centered? I’d love to see your advice in the comments!

Have a great week and I’ll be back on Wednesday with the Inspirational word of the day.

xoxo Pam

In response to the stormy seas of life, my husband Blake and I have created this website to be a Current of Inspiration, a wave of love and joy to wash away hate and fear. By posting every week, it's our commitment to making our world a better place. We hope you find it uplifting and will share it with your friends! Thanks for stopping by! xoxo

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