Bloody Mary Morning

Today is Monday, which means it’s time for the Inspirational song of the week.

This song has an amazing tempo that just kickstarts my heart into hi-gear.  Along my walks around the lake with Tootsie, I always do a little skip when this song comes on the speakers in my IPod.  If you ever see me out walking, arms swinging, head bobbing, singing at the tops of my lungs, there is a very good chance this song is carrying me along.

I hope it sets you off to a Wonderful week!



In response to the stormy seas of life, my husband Blake and I have created this website to be a Current of Inspiration, a wave of love and joy to wash away hate and fear. By posting every week, it's our commitment to making our world a better place. We hope you find it uplifting and will share it with your friends! Thanks for stopping by! xoxo

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