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When you’re being tossed about on the stormy seas of life, wouldn’t you like to find a Current of Inspiration to help you find your way through? That’s probably why you’re here.

Ready to move forward

Pam Belding, life coach and author of You’re the Boat: Charting a course toward a life worth looking forward to.

You’re thinking about hiring a coach because you’re ready for a change. Maybe you’re going through a divorce, or dealing with a challenging relationship. Perhaps you’re new to the area, or you’re struggling with a new baby or a new job.

More than likely you’re feeling stuck and you’re ready to move forward and get back to living a happy life.

You know you need help getting from here to there, but you’re not sure who to ask for help. There are so many people offering coaching and therapy, how do you know who to trust?

“Pam is truly a true positive light for in this world. She’s caring, thoughtful and inspirational. Do yourself a favor and arrange a meeting with her. You’ll be better for it. Your soul will thank you for it.” Dave 

Life coaching vs. Therapy

First of all, don’t feel bad if you’re confused. Tackling a big challenge in your life can be difficult, and knowing who you should turn to for guidance is a very important decision. Bravo for deciding to get the help you need!

Basically, a therapist works on an open-ended basis to help you understand the problems from your past that are causing pain or dysfunction in your present day life. A professional counselor has been through years of training, is certified and licensed and generally takes payments through your insurance. If you need help dealing with a significant psychological problem such as clinical depression, substance abuse or a major personality disorder, you should find a therapist.

On the other hand, working with a life coach is specifically goal oriented. For example, going through a major life event (divorce/break-up, marriage, new baby, move, new job or diagnosis) or struggling with a difficult relationship issue, a coach can help you find clarity and a plan to move forward. Life coaching helps you navigate your way through the problem by…

  • Defining goals
  • Formulating a plan that will use your skills
  • Holding you accountable for progress
  • Providing structure, encouragement and support

What you can expect

First you start by telling me about whatever issue brought you in to talk. It could be personal, family or business related but simply sharing the issue with a coach who has your best interests at heart is an incredibly healing experience.

*Important* I guarantee everything discussed during our time together will be held in complete confidence. You never have to worry because your secrets are always safe with me!

Although I may offer helpful suggestions, stories and analogies, I won’t tell you what to do. Deep down you already know what’s best for you. My job is to ask leading questions that empower you to discover your next best action while offering the support you need to take the next step. While I offer guidance, you are the true expert on your life.

A loving and positive experience

“Have you ever met someone who feels like home?  Known instantly this person has an energy you need in your life and know that s/he will have an impact, changing your life forever?  My friend Pam is exactly this person. When my life is in flux, and I’m unsure which choice is best, I phone, text or reach out to Pam.  Her words are always a comfort and a guide.  She never tells me what to do or how to do it, rather she shares her experience, love and true friendship.  Pam is not just an ear to listen but a muse to guide.  I love and trust Pam’s honesty beyond most. And when my life is on track going just the way I’ve planned, or I’ve heard a great song on the radio, I phone, text or reach out to share my joy with Pam, as I know she truly shares my joy.  Pam is blessed with the ability to give without the expectation of a return.  Such a woman is a rare gift and a blessing.  I am thankful to have her in my life.” Tina 

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For $65, you get a 30 minute personal coaching session, an audio recording of our call. •After your payment you will be taken to a page to schedule the appointment.  If using PayPal, click the “return to the website link” on the PayPal receipt to be taken to the page where you can schedule an appointment.  If you must miss the appointment, you can reschedule as long you give 24 hours notice ahead of time. If at any time you are rude, violent or offensive, you can expect our call to be terminated immediately. 

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 A light in the darkness

“Thank you for being that light at the end of the tunnel, for listening, caring, loving and inspiring.  You are amazing!!  Your boundless energy and joy in helping others is contagious…. Keep it flowing honey  (get it ? ) Having that heart of yours is truly a blessing and I am so blessed to have you!!!! I love you!!!” Christine 

Embrace life, the power to create a better future is contained in the present moment.

A fresh perspective

You can experience coaching in person, or on the phone, Skype or Google Hang-out. After our session, you get a downloadable link (so you can listen to the call again later) sent to your email.

You may also be interested in the new Fortify & Protect Yourself coaching program. Click the link to find out more!

If you’re looking for an extended coaching session or to book me for an event, just let me know. Please can contact me at: [email protected]

I’d love to hear from you!

xoxo Pam